25 févr. 2007

The french never sounded so good !

French garage 1983-1987 !!

Because there is not so much french music on this community, I told myself : go baby, go ! share your collection.
In fact, it's my brother's one, but as he used to say : never forget rock'nroll. So do I.

1) to begin my selection, I choose :

The Fixed Up, from le Havre. They were one of the best rock'n'roll band of France in the mid 80's. We could even called em the french Sunnyboys as they recorded a big part of their discography in Australia, with the cream of the productors at that time. Their sound is also as good as the Sunnys.
Here are their two first 7 inches on Sonics Records: Take a look at me/You can count me in.

2) "Best of" compilation, a cool selection from a Nantes label,with combos from Nantes, Nice and Paris. Coronados, Flamingos, l'Orchidée... Yes, one or two bands are too much jazzy and should have been avoid, but this comp is introducing a rare band : The Scurs; and just for that, it's a gaz !!!

3) The superb 7" of the Sluggard Kings, from Grenoble.

4) The sole 7" from the Scuba Drivers, from Perigueux.

5) The 7" of the Real cool killers, from Clermont-Ferrand.

See the french discography site, where you can find all the infos on line-ups and track listings.

The file : http://rapidshare.com/files/18184946/031frengar0107.rar.html
wtai is the pw, of course.

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Anonyme a dit…

Salut Hector,

Excellent post ! Sur mon blog j'essaye aussi de temps en temps de présenter des groupes de cette période : Batmen, Roadrunners ou Kid Pharaon.


Hectorvadair a dit…

Et ton blog, c'est quoi eric ???

Anonyme a dit…

Eternally Yours

Hectorvadair a dit…

Wham bam,, thank you man !!

sideroom a dit…

Hi Hector

any chance you could repost the French Garage file ?? I am really interested to hear this music, but sadly the link is dead :(

I am very interested in your Sunnyboys linkage, what producers did The Fixed Up use in Sydney ??

great blog by the way !!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Hi Bruce ! (I guess your name is Bruce ?) .
What great blogs you have ! The bunch of 45's and Flipside's ideas are excellent.
Well... The producers for the second Fixed Up album were : Jim Dickson and Rob Younger !!! (just that !)so I now understand it has talked to you.
I would post their first two and repost the french files too as soon as I can.
Thanks for your comment.

sideroom a dit…

Thanks for that yes the names mean something as Rob Younger was in The Radio Birdman and also The New Christs as well as producing quite a few bands, Jim Dickson was also in Radio Birdman & few other bands.

Thanks for letting me know :)

Hectorvadair a dit…

You perhaps know fench people are real amateurs of australian sound. With many friends here we are great fans of Saints, Radios, New Christ, .. Stems..plus the 80's bands , plus the 90's ones : (Breadmakers, Early hours, etc...)
I saw live New Christ and Radio Birdman.
I think some days I will post some of these prestations...

geololo a dit…

Salut !

Je relance, y'a moyen de remettre le lien de téléchargement à jour ? ça serait cool de pouvoir réécouter en partculier les Real Cool Killers. je les avais vu live dans un bar à Saint-Etienne, à cette époque. Excellent et sauvage! Sinon je réécoute régulièrement les Fixed Up, en vinyl. y'avait aussi un bon groupe francais , dans le style aussie: Chameleons's Day. Je dois avoir un 45t.