19 oct. 2007

Beat promises (french garage part 7)

PRETTY BOYS Beat promises
(Surfin Bird records, 1984)
Test pressing

I ain't gonna change my style

That are the Nineteen Promises !
Gildas from Nineteen/Dig it fanzine promised some times ago the rare lp by the 80's french PRETTY BOYS, so here it is. Thanks to him.
And as good news never arrive alone, he gives us the test pressing version ! (11 tracks vs 7 on the original lp). But no big surprises, just false starts or part of tracks.

I have no great infos on the band, excepting that they were from Perigueux, and the informations collected in the discographie du rock français and some chronicles in Nineteen.

Chronicle from Nineteen #10 (June 84)

Their lp (so these tracks) is in a great 60's garage style, with a kinda "trash" sound that could be compared to the Coronados one (?).
At that time, the production was not very appreciated by the fanzine. And objectively in retrospect, the band did not make a great career. Here is a souvenir of one of these rare french rock'nroll bands from the 80's that have, anyway, had the chance to make an lp.
Enjoy !
Line up :

Matthieu Saillard (chant), Emmanuel Pastel (guitare), Patrice Roulvet (guitare), Philippe Feydri (basse), Didier Feydri (batterie).

Original Track listing :

I ain't gonna change my style / Real moves / Another girl sony / Tell your mother // Cruisin'in wouderland / Plan X / Merry go round.

Test pressing :
01 3:10
02 3:09
03 1:27
04 1:27
05 (part of 4) 0:46
06 (idem) 0:37
07 (idem) 1:03
08 (piste nulle) 0:00
09 0:43
10 1:59
11 Merry go round 2:40

4 commentaires:

Hectorvadair a dit…

Link in the cover of the lp

Anonyme a dit…

i don't know this band but it sounds like as if tracks 4-8 are actually 1 song cut up in pieces making it 7 tracks altogether.
great share, thx.

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes, you got it. I just converted right now from WMA to mp3 and get the solution.
Thanks for comment.

Anonyme a dit…

Mierda... Mon pote a du merder qque part dans le transfert...