17 oct. 2007

Elegant chaos in action-time !

Yes, yes, yes !...
No great posts til two weeks, and no Strychnine lp as promised... I know I did a bad job guys.
Some people also ask me for the Bogeymen again... and I will repost it., but I haven't the time... and I'm not a machine (gun etiquette ?).

But I did work tonight ! Look at the precedents last post : I have integrated a hand full of mp3's with the real true player, and it will continue from today til the end of time (inch Allah !).

So : from now on, I will post each week a minimum of one good mp3, like I did with the Soul posts some weeks ago. Great and rare singles, from every period and style, but from my collection, and in any order. Albums will be post too, but 1 mp3 will be enjoyable each time.

Tonight, because I like it and because my friend François dont know well Julian Cope, enjoy this Elegant chaos from the first lp "World shut your mouth" (or also named : "1984", see previous note).

See also the Julian Cope complete discography on Headheritage.

Ps :
soon, a complete listing of what to find on mp3 in action-time !

4 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Merci Franckie!

Hectorvadair a dit…

You're welcome pal !
Je ne sais pas si tu avais déjà téléchargé l'album, anyway...
En tous cas, je prépare le ripping du deuxième : "Fried" pour bientôt, ainsi que le fameux live (Lenoir)correspondant à la période "Nation underground" qui est superbe.
See ya !

Anonyme a dit…

Aloha Mr Hector !

Chose promite, chose dûse : The Pretty Boys, mais sans les titres (mon test pressing n'en a pas). http://rapidshare.com/files/63620298/PRETTY_BOYS.rar.html


Hectorvadair a dit…

Excellent !! Merci Gildas. Je le poste sur une note à part. Trop bon. En plus y'a du bonus !!
Ouuuyyyeeeeahhh !!