31 mai 2011

The show of Larry Williams & Johnny (Guitar) Watson

The Larry Williams show
Featuring Johnny Guitar Watson
with the Stormsville Shakers
(Decca LK4691, 1965)

Produced by Mike Vernon
Engineer : Bill Price

Like many R'n'Blues fans, I actually had the chance to put my hands on the CD reissue of this wild live performance back in the mid eightties.
This is without doubt one of the coolest R'n'blues live lp to came out in the sixties.
Two stars with great voice and superb guitar playing !
For a cool retrospective bio of Larry Williams, talking about the origin of this show, see Surfinbird blog at : http://surfinbird.centerblog.net

And here are the original notes : (taken from the CD reissue, Edsel 1984)

Listen to "Slow down"

NB : "The featured vocalist on "Looking back" and "Two hours past mignight" is Johnny Watson; both Larry and Johhny are featured on "Sweet little baby", "trustin me" and "For your love". "Stormville groove" features Johnny and Larry on electric piano.
Cover photo taken at Ricky Tik, Plaza Guildford". (from the notes of the CD)

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Hectorvadair a dit…

Enjoy ! :

Mihaleez a dit…

Hey pal, you did it as i can see! Great album, indeed! I guess it's kinda like the link/connector between two Larry eras. Te first and well known to most people with the pure rock n roll madness and the second about to come then, with totally soul-full approach. BTW, this Yardbirds cover just KILLS! Cheers!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Thanks Mihaleez for the comment ! Keep in touch on our respective blogs !!

mister mark a dit…

i wonder what the password is?

Dan_invader a dit…

Must be silly, but I can't get the password

jayway a dit…

Hector: What a GREAT show! My first time here and what a beginning! Thanks so much!!!

Bill a dit…

Been after this for a while...THANK YOU!

richsoul a dit…

Thank you very much. Looks interesting. Thank you

Hectorvadair a dit…

@ mister Mark :
wtai is the word !

Anonyme a dit…

cet album est une enorme tuerie!!! il est finalement assez méconnu

un grand bravo à ceux qui le remettent au gout du jour

Anonyme a dit…

"WTAI" is the PW!!! (Where the Action Is)

Anonyme a dit…

PLEASE Repost.

Fantastic record.
Grazie -Ciao - Thank You 0- Cheers