15 avr. 2007

I get a feeling

With Bonnie.

...or may I say with Brenda !?

( I Get A Feeling / I Want A Boyfriend (Girlfriend) – 1963
In-Sound 405 /Stateside FSS 606)

No large info on this cool 45's on Stateside, except that I buyed it some 10 years ago at a friend, because of its great soul vocals. More, the title "I get a feeling" and its sentence "I get a feeling when we are dancing" is an hymne to the soul spirit.

The female vocal arriving in a second time is incredible... and I stayed so long asking myself whose it was.
Yeaaah thanks to Internet and Soulfulkindamusic, I have now the answer and what an answer it is.

This single issued on the Stateside label of EMI in 1963 was from the original US "In sound" label apparently and the identity of his singers is given (in some way) by the credits : Robert D. Jackson.

Bonnie & Clyde are in fact : Brenda Holloway & Robert Jackson (Brother Of Gloria Jones). So it's one of the singles Brenda released before 1964... before signing to Motown. cqfd

Pretty rare you said ? yes it is. And it's so good.

Now enjoy !! :

I get a feeling (B side)

Download the song

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