18 avr. 2007

Squeeeeeeeeze me !!

Squeeze me
part 1 & 2
(Monument 680018. French ed. 1967 ? 68 ?)

Again a rarity. No infos on this great funkgroovers in 2 parts, except these lines :
"A division of Nashville’s Monument label, Sound Stage 7 was managed by the late John Richbourg, who was also a popular disc jockey on WLAC, the Nashville radio station that brought Rhythm and Blues to the masses during the ‘50s. If he thought they had potential, Richbourg would often pick up masters from smaller labels and independent producers. This locally-recorded, horn-fed jam was just such a recording and the fact that it’s still pretty easy to pick up is evidence that it sold in good numbers. Originally in two parts, this is the uncut mix. "
Superfly Soul: Return Of The Hustlers /Subtitle : Super-Bad Ghetto Funk From Across The Tracks ) (Various Artists, double CD Cat. No.: METRDCD527)
CD available via Unionsquaremusic

*More infos on the Monument Label (albums only) at : bsnpubs.com

Squeeze me (Part 1) :

Download Squeeze me part 1 &2

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