6 avr. 2007

Time to make a point

Well, it's amazing how great this community is.
I remember it's been about one year now that I have discovered it, thanks to a chronicle in the french Liberation newspaper.
I was at that time searching for an album of the Things (paisley band), and I felt onto Twilightzone. What a shok !

Since then I have joined this and I do as much as I can, because I'm also into comics and multimedia things at my job., But it never stops to surprise me each day. My goal is not, like someones do, to put all my discotheque on the blog, it has no sense for me, but sometimes, I think of one thing that can be interesting to share. Sometime I have a little more time and I ask myself, is that lp could interest somebody ?
In fact I have thousands of vinyls (in big part) that sleeps in cases, and that could be uploaded here. But that's no way. I let time to time and it will happen what it will happen ... someday.

Just to say : the big part of the collection is made of 60's international garage, on lps, many comps, some soul, many international garage or rn'blues revival many french 80's lps or 45s too, some 70's international one 45s ... so .. what to choose first ? I look for the other blogs to see if I can help...

I am a Soul lover, and even If I buy, like the larger part of the users of this community ,a lot of records (or may I say ; I had buyed a lot since 25 years), I cannot afford myself put again and again more records on the living room or in the celling.
So do I download regularly some stuff here and there, but always with reason, and always leaving a comment.

The people who are under each blog are often (if always) great and it's a pleasure for me each time to read the notes and to enjoy the music. Some are bigger and nicer than others, but everytime I discover something, and that's the real gaz !!

Thank you everybody !

You can't stand alone, (Pickett), by the Out Four.

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RYP a dit…

Wonderful statement, my pal!