29 janv. 2007

You made me realise...

That I haven't posted yet the My Bloody Valentine records I promess.

So here it goes :

- The new record by... 12" (Kaleidsocope) 1986

- Ecstasy and wine lp (Lazy) 1989

- You made me realise 12" (Creation) 1988

I think these ones are the best of what the band had produced, except the following Isn't anything and Loveless. But you have here with the "You made me realise" 12 " some of the prettiest song of "Isn't anything", and I suppose you already know "Loveless", their last cult album.

I made the choice to not post the "Sunny sundae smile 12"(Kaleidoscope) 1987, which is not to me the best thing to keep from the band. (too noisy, too young), in regard as what they made after.
But if you're interested, ... tell me.
and go see the infos on the To here knows web cool site dedicated to the band.

Enjoy !

the file :
(pw as usual : wtai)