12 janv. 2010

Maybe so, maybe no : a Soul achievement

Maybe Soul is gonna come back again, maybe no.

Maybe there are just few artists today who could make me feel so good when listening to their music.

Amy is one of them, Raphael Saadiq is one of them, The Noisettes are some of them, VV Brown is one of them, Jamie Lidell.. sometimes, like Joss Stone... but... Mayer Hawthorne, that's a fact.

"A strange arrangement" is a very very good first album, and all things positive you could hear about are true.
The "Maybe so " video is also a very cool one, with lot of fun, and skates, and music (records.)
Mayer is formerly a (surely good) Dj, but knows what he's singing about. And it flows out from each track of his record.

The (french) limited digipack edition of the album includes a little vinyle, with : "Love is allright/"When I said goodbye" demo version.)

You could hear these two tracks amongst others on the Mayer's Myspace page.

And that is also very cool. (Caus if you try to numerize them, you will hear a big "croc"at the beginning of the groove.)