5 déc. 2007

By request : The (almost) complete KLIEK !

The Kliek are well respected men.

As a promise is a promise, and to thank the anonymous guy who answered to my demand on the Stilettos : here is another time these great songs by this great dutch band.

For the details, go to previous post.

18 nov. 2007

(I just want to be on) Week end

Great track, superb song... (and we all need more week-end !)


Just to remember this superb artist , go to : eddiecochran.info
(Today i'd just like to talk about Eddie Cochran, one of my favorite singer/songwriter.)

22 oct. 2007

You are on my mind ! (The bogeymen, part 4) French rarities vol 8)

A promise is a promise... After some shoots*, some videos, two notes with discography... here are :

The BOGEYMEN live Chambéry, 03/07/1993, in real trashorama.

photo : © F. Guigue

Don't try to put me down (live 93) (Rare never issued track.)
All rights reserved : Hectorvadair

This 03rd of July, I haven't the idea to see live this great band. I just known the name, its reputation, and I have already had the chance to see them on stage, but unfortunaltely, arriving at Macon some weeks ago, a member was ill, and the band had been remplaced by another.

So this week-end, I was visiting a friend of mine, near Chambéry, and in the middle of the afternoon, around the table, with a good wine in hand, we look for the cultural manifestations. What a surprise to read in the newspaper that the Bogeymen were programmed by the Larsen label, not far from here with the Squares and two other bands !

So we went to the Parc du buisson rond.

Notice : This is a fan document, not intended for a bootleg (for shit people). If you listen voices and sound's variations during the tracks, it's normal. It's just because I was so excited that I run in all the directions, combining the recording of the set with my walkman and the shooting of the scene with my photograph. It's fan bootleg in its true reality, with no consideration of making money with it. Just sharing.

Anyway, you will admit it's a great document, considering there is nothing else around about the band. Am I alone to have documents ? I don't think so. But you're so square...

Track listing of the set (almost complete)
1 You are on my mind (1st ending) 0:18
2 I'll get to you 2:02

3 She let me down 2:12

4 Backward child 2:06

5 I just need somebody 2:21
6 She's not mine 1:54
7 You're my candy 2:16
9 I've got nobody (ending) 1:08
10 Don't be afraid of me 2:44

11 Don't try to put me down 1:38
12 Roaming child 2:19
13 We'll feel allright 2:46
14 I feel well 2:31
15 Action time 2:48
16 You are on my mind (encore) 2:38
(missing "8 Electrocution" : end of k7)

(*) see the photo album here

Read my original chronicle in Here, le zine des sect maniacs up above.

No more players at all !

Yep, I realised that it's worst having players instead of a simple mp3 link, because you cannot download the files I intended to.
So, basta with the players, and enjoy everything !

21 oct. 2007

JULIAN COPE : Last of the independant hero

Cope with his band (insert of Saint Julian's lp)
Look for his special personnalised micro, where he climbs on it in concert.

I first heard about Julian Cope in 1987 with the cool Saint Julian lp. Great album of deranged pop, but full of classics such as World shut your mouth, Trampolene or Space hopper.
Yes, I also known at that time that Cope came out of his band Teardrop Explodes and that it was not his first solo lp, but his discography was already not easy to find in France.

Then, the artist entered in a glorious period of enlightment by the help of these sus-mentionned singles. French radio broadcast Bernard Lenoir's Les inrockuptibles intensively airwaved these tunes and it was soon followed in 1988 by a new album on the same Island label : "My nation underground", as pop and as commercialy "formated". But it failed, in spite of a great live "black session" (Lenoir = black in english), where Cope offered us a superb compilation of some of his best habited songs (*).

This was to be a climax.
Two years later, the wind has turned.
Cope was thankfulled by his record label, and he returned to independance, to bizarre music, and to... shadow. If you were not in Great britain, it became difficult to get news about mister Cope (except on Bernard Lenoir's broadcast).

But nonetheless, the "Droolian" was continuing making albums and big part of them are worth the listen. That you take the superb double lp "Peggy suicide" (1991) , 20 mothers (1995) or anything else til now, you can always expect some good music with intelligent message on it. That it contains rough, punk, psyche, transe or popish songs, or the whole thing mixed, Julian Cope's albums are always where we cannot wait for them, and in the same time never disappointing.
Ok, you have also to look hard for it, but it's worth having a handfull of them in its discotheque.

Isn't it the rule for all of the last independant heroes ?

Read a cool chronicle of the Sunspot ep on the great Vivonzeureux web zine.

See also a good resume of his activities on Wiki.

Space-hopper (live Cigale 1988)

(*) Soon here : Julian Cope's live at the Cigale , Paris, 30 Oct 1988.

19 oct. 2007

Beat promises (french garage part 7)

PRETTY BOYS Beat promises
(Surfin Bird records, 1984)
Test pressing

I ain't gonna change my style

That are the Nineteen Promises !
Gildas from Nineteen/Dig it fanzine promised some times ago the rare lp by the 80's french PRETTY BOYS, so here it is. Thanks to him.
And as good news never arrive alone, he gives us the test pressing version ! (11 tracks vs 7 on the original lp). But no big surprises, just false starts or part of tracks.

I have no great infos on the band, excepting that they were from Perigueux, and the informations collected in the discographie du rock français and some chronicles in Nineteen.

Chronicle from Nineteen #10 (June 84)

Their lp (so these tracks) is in a great 60's garage style, with a kinda "trash" sound that could be compared to the Coronados one (?).
At that time, the production was not very appreciated by the fanzine. And objectively in retrospect, the band did not make a great career. Here is a souvenir of one of these rare french rock'nroll bands from the 80's that have, anyway, had the chance to make an lp.
Enjoy !
Line up :

Matthieu Saillard (chant), Emmanuel Pastel (guitare), Patrice Roulvet (guitare), Philippe Feydri (basse), Didier Feydri (batterie).

Original Track listing :

I ain't gonna change my style / Real moves / Another girl sony / Tell your mother // Cruisin'in wouderland / Plan X / Merry go round.

Test pressing :
01 3:10
02 3:09
03 1:27
04 1:27
05 (part of 4) 0:46
06 (idem) 0:37
07 (idem) 1:03
08 (piste nulle) 0:00
09 0:43
10 1:59
11 Merry go round 2:40

17 oct. 2007

Elegant chaos in action-time !

Yes, yes, yes !...
No great posts til two weeks, and no Strychnine lp as promised... I know I did a bad job guys.
Some people also ask me for the Bogeymen again... and I will repost it., but I haven't the time... and I'm not a machine (gun etiquette ?).

But I did work tonight ! Look at the precedents last post : I have integrated a hand full of mp3's with the real true player, and it will continue from today til the end of time (inch Allah !).

So : from now on, I will post each week a minimum of one good mp3, like I did with the Soul posts some weeks ago. Great and rare singles, from every period and style, but from my collection, and in any order. Albums will be post too, but 1 mp3 will be enjoyable each time.

Tonight, because I like it and because my friend François dont know well Julian Cope, enjoy this Elegant chaos from the first lp "World shut your mouth" (or also named : "1984", see previous note).

See also the Julian Cope complete discography on Headheritage.

Ps :
soon, a complete listing of what to find on mp3 in action-time !

16 sept. 2007

West of the fields/Out Four on myspace

Here is at last the Myspace page for this french 90's late band.
There you will find mp3, rare photos, and videos.
It is an appendice to the complete site dedicated to the Roanne rock scene (1980 - 1999), the town where the band were originated.

14 sept. 2007

A request

I fell in love with the Stilettos on the Snap shots comp.

If you have their sole lp, (ps under), please have thoughts for me.

Thank you.

Listen to : Les voleurs de jouets (from Snapshots comp lp)
(thanks to Modpunkpoparchive for the mp3 link)

*Read and see a cool bio + pic of the band on Bordeaux rock.

Just a shot of...

a superb 80's rock french comp
produced by Chris Wilson and Robin Wills.

pshots 1983)

With : Standards, Calamités, Snipers, Owls, City Kids, Stilettos, Kick Rythmeurs, Gamine, Coronados !!

Words from the lp insert (and as published in a special file in Nineteen #4, Feb 1984, along with these photos)

Cette compilation est l'une des sinon la meilleure compile de cette époque dans le genre. Kick est le chanteur habité des Strychnine et écrit un morceau encore tout à fait singulier, les City Kids avec leur rock mélange entre Died pretty et New Christ sont excellent, les Owls nous offrent une superbe ballade 60's, Gamine fait son job, les Rythmeurs assurent, les Coronados délirent avec leur Revanche (et le hoquetement typique du chanteur), et le Stilettos avec leur Voleurs de jouet ont écrit un classique qui aurait pu être un tube pop si...
Quel plaisir d'écouter du rock comme celui-là avec des textes de cette qualité. Comme quoi...

Note : Que l'on soit bien clair. Je ne me livrerai pas à un pillage exhaustif de Nineteen. Je vénère trop cette revue indispensable pour en faire une simple base où l'on se servirait à gogo. Je puise quelques articles lorsque ceux-ci peuvent agrémenter une note afin de mieux re-situer les groupes proposés. Le but étant le même : la (re)découverte !

Je ne voudrais pas faire croire non plus que je m'occupe à la place des responsables de l'époque de ce travail de réhabilitation de certains groupes.

Les auteurs de Nineteen pour la plupart officient encore pour la cause (cf Fanzine Dig it à Toulouse), et c'est justement parcequ'ils ont fait un excellent boulot en leur temps et qu'ils sont sûrement pris par d'autres actions plus en phase avec la scène rock'nroll actuelle que je prends pour ma part la peine de leur éviter ce travail.

Qu'ils soient içi et maintenant remerciés 1000 fois pour tout ce qu'ils ont réalisé au sein de Nineteen, Going Loco et j'en passe. Ces notes leur sont humblement dédiées.
(Respect and tribute to all the Nineteen and Going loco original team, plus the Snapshots label.)

Un bonus de bio avec photo sur les Owls : (site Bordeauxrock)
(un bel article leur a aussi été consacré dans le n°8 de Nineteen de Fev 84)

A chaque fois tu fais mouche !

("Each time you hit the target !")

I promised SF, here are the Soucoupes violentes, a parisian 80's band, thus identified, but how much energic !
This is their 1st lp, the second being less wild, although a good one.

Listen to the first track : "Les mots dans ta bouche", then you'll fast understand the influences. (sorry, the song rips a little at the beginning)

Garage punk !, farfisa, great guitars, very good voice...with 80's sound !! A very favorite of mind, and one of the greatest 80's rock french band, along bands like Fixed up, City Kids and Batmen. You can compare their sound to a mix between Le cri de la mouche and the Nervous eaters.

Chronicle taken from Nineteen mag # 25, Fb 1988. (B. Binet)

Bonus :

I also promised poison...

Here are three single tracks from another great punk rock band
from Bordeaux . What great and weird they were!


Pas Facile/Lâche moi
(from la bande du Rex BO)
AZ 1980

Pas besoin d'être un homme/Lâche moi
AZ 1980

Listen to : Pas besoin d'être un homme

Paper taken from Jukebox mag #16, Nov 1987

More infos and a cool photo of Strychnine
on the site dedicated to the Bordeaux 's scene :

10 sept. 2007

Working 40 days and 40 nights with ...

Taxi driver business 6 tracks lp
(Lolita , 1984)

Shining 4 tracks lp

(Surfin'bird records lp,1984)

The Snapping boys were from Vienne (69), near Lyon, and this first lp is one of the better Rhythm’n’blues album of the 80’s. Nevermind they were french or else, for me, when you listen to their Don Covay’s cover “40 days and 40 nights”, you understand these guys had all the true spirit of it. No need to talk about the superb and “ala Pretty Things” solo guitar’s touch on the final “Joseph’s love”.

Joseph's love

Yes the Snapping were brilliant. They made a second (good) lp that I didn’t 
have the chance to listen to.

Read and see a souvenir of the Snappin boys on Euthanasie blog. (1985).

Left : Part of the back ps

Above right :
Lp chronicle from Nineteen mag n°12 (Oct 84)

The Flamingos were from Nantes (north west of France), and this first mini lp from 1984 too is a great one.
More into pop than the Snappin’, and more into beatlesque Flaming Groovies. 
Just listen to the guitar sound of “I want you with me”, and tell me if it don’ t reminds you some Shake some actions' style. 

We can also find here what a guy like Kid Pharaon will make a couple of years later. Louder sound, but a more melodic and poppy approach. Nice anyway.

Right chronicle from Nineteen mag n°13 (Dec 1984)

> Next note : always frenchies, but more punk, with big sound !

2 sept. 2007

Unseen Staggers !!

The Staggers "Little sister"
from Arte "Elvis Special" tv brodcast 17/08/2007
(not seen on Youtube !)

Enjoy !
and don' t forget to see the Staggers at the Ballroom bash ! (plus my friends the Slow Slushy Boys, of course !)

31 août 2007

"Things get better ..." (french killers, part 3)

...When the sun goes down !
...Try to get'em, can't find the town (...)
We're just little night creatures ...in the human race".

Things get better :

(What ? Fixed up are vampires ???...
So, real killers, for sure ! Guess with this ps, it was a little obvious !
The front man looks like Vincent Price)

Fixed Up (S/t) 1984 Closer Records

Produced by Larry Wallis; Engineered by Alec Hawkins,
Recorded at Flame studios (London)

Chronique et article parus dans Nineteen n°12 (Octobre 1984)

Track listing :

Things get better
Get out of my mind
Shake !
I can't stand it
Mojo woman
Wild side
Strangest girl
Bottle up and go
Something right
Look out !
Good times
Don't forget

ps : don't forget the second lp on Power Pop criminals

28 août 2007

The What For : repost

By request :

another time, the (almost) complete discography
by this exceeeeeellent 80's german band.

See the previous note (and comments) for informations.

26 août 2007

Rare 80's french garage bands : part 2

SNIPERS : Alligator mini lp, New Rose 1985 (6 tracks)

Snipers : What you have here is one of the finest but one of the most underrated (out of France) band from this period, unless they recorded 3 lps. The Snipers were playing a great music that reminds me the Rnb/country style of such bands like the Long Ryders. The guitars are brilliant, the rhythms danceable, thus the words in french are poetic and well written. Many of the french bands from this period sounded that way (ie : more popish than punk), but the good production in this one makes them sound great.

In bonus today, a punkish 7" from another rare french garage band : GPS (Garage psychiatrique suburbain).
GPS : 7 " Quand revient l'été /Samedi soir (Underdog 1982)

The back of the picture cover better illustrates their sound as the recto is so unappropriated.
Listen to : Quand revient l'été

Next time : Second lp by the Fixed up.

For track listing, don't forget to visit : the complete french 80's garage & punk discography

Read : More infos about the snipers.

25 août 2007

I 'd like to get my four heads back !!!

Want list :

This cool mini lp by the Headless horsemen.
f anybody has a clue...
I just have the cover to propose today.

Copyright text above : Timothy Gassen from Thee Knights of Fuzz.

20 août 2007

By request, The Out four

(OF0001, 1995)

Another time, and by request, the first ep by my own garage/Rnb band, on Cineux, but with our own references (OF for "Out Four", obviously !).
And this time, in real "Mp3'orama" !

Listen to the traxs :

Drive me faster

Where the action is

I'm not sure

Go to Thee Cave for the complete disco and infos about the band, and if you like, to the official site (even if not updated) for more chronicles and pics. (More on the way here)

ps : I have the rights on this record, and even if I have no more copies of this one to sell, I do have some copies of the Blowback's ep on WTAI, plus some other cool 90's records (25 " Wild and groovy my dear Watson...), and more.
Ask if you want a list.

18 août 2007

Come back soon !

Hey, don't worry. I will repost Kliek and What For soon, plus great other albums you're... not waiting for.

Stay tuned !!

5 juil. 2007

Re-post : Playing out of tune !


One again, and by request, this great garage/surf album by this eastern band.
See more infos on the previous note.

Play out of tune (1995) (Slusaj Najglasnije !)

21 juin 2007

Won't you please come back to me...

Melanie !

Electric fit ep The Prisoners 1984 Big Beat
+ bonus : There's a time

As no gift come alone, and because John T chance, a friend of mine told me, at my big surprise I hadn't talked to him before about the Prisoners, here is tonight another bunch of real good freakbeat, one of those made in the eighties by a band that have been so many time copied, bur rarely approached in wildness and melody.
No need to talk about Graham Day 's voice !..

..Melanie is one of these song that make you angry to form a band.
And what about the instrumental Revenge of the Cybermen ?
How many garage and mods combos have cried while listening to the Prisoners ?
I don't know the number... but I am one of them !

You can now get the whole discography thanks to the Ace reissues, but here are some of the true beginners, hard to find, and so raw...
Enjoy, and go to see the complete disco and line ups of this great band here on Geocities.

Electric fit ep :
Melanie, What I want,
Go go, The last thing on your mind, Revenge of the cybermen. There's a time (from flexi disc)

20 juin 2007

Happy birthday with... freakers from Marseille !

The Cryptones
Emma mini CD
(Fffascination 1995)

In our french serie, today, and for the first birthday of Action-time, : one of the most underrated but great mod/freak band : The Cryptones.
(ps : You can go to Lost-in-tyme for their lp on Teen trash.)

Les Cryptones de Marseille se sont fait connaître grâce à des morceaux dans des fanzines ou des compilations comme Abus dangereux, Kinetic Vibes ou Ansia de colore (Espagne) dés 1991 se posant comme un groupe revival freakbeat de qualité.
Il faudra cependant attendre l'édition d'un lp "posthume" (de la première formation) sous forme d'une compilation sur le label allemand Music Maniac (1er volume de la collection Teen Trash) en 1994 pour (re) découvrir le groupe.

Ce mini album (paru aussi sous forme vinyle 25 cm), sortit alors que la vague beat et Rnblues portée par les Bogeymen était à son comble n'a pas bouleversé l'histoire du genre en France (ne serait-ce qu'à cause de sa petite diffusion) mais a permit de remettre les pendules à l'heure et de monter que Stéphane le leader en avait encore sous le pied.

Ce qui vient vient en tête en écoutant les Cryptones et ces chansons en particulier, c'est l'influence qu'ils ont pu puiser dans un groupe comme les Prisoners (écoutez "Julia", ou "You everytime" et son "Melanie" scandé, hommage à peine voilé au titre homonyme des anglais), et celle qu'ils ont pu exercer à leur tour sur un combo voisin comme les Strawberry Smell dont le premier ep vinyl est sortit en 1994.
D'ailleurs on jurerait l'orgue joué par Cyril Jean, leur leader, même s'il n'est responsable que du dessin de la pochette, et l'instrument sautillant, couplé à la batterie ressemble à s'y méprendre à ce qu'on entendra plus tard du groupe de Beaucaire.

Néanmoins, passé ces comparaisons plus ou moins flatteuses, on rapprochera d'avantage l'esprit des Cryptones de celui des Hawaï Men/Pickpockets, autres combos du sud aussi "anciens" et dont la touche second degré est d'avantage à aller chercher du côté du Québec et de groupes 60's comme les Lutins . (leur "Je cherche" à comparer à "Secret" sur ce CD).

...Aaaah, il fait bon écouter ce mini album et se dire que, vraiment, le sud français groove étonnement !

Listen to : Emma

Le site officiel des Cryptones : http://www.thecryptones.com/index.php
La page consacrée au groupe sur Thee Cave : http://www.geocities.com/cavestoneage/cryptones/CRYPTONES.htm

ps : On pourra utilement se reporter à la communauté Myspace où tous les mods Perpignanais et Parisiens (entre autre) proposent une page :
Just Write :
The visualsoundscope (Paris)
Belladelic (Perpignan)
Cucumberexperience (Cyril Jean, ex Strawberry Smell)
les Buissons (Perpignan)
The Shapes72 (Montpellier)

19 mai 2007

For sale ! (Total destruction once again ?)

I'm not selling out , I'm buying in!
(Tacoma lp 1981)

I continue the posting of my Swamp Dogg collection as announced somewhere on this blog. I found this copy at Black & white shop, Nice, France , the day of my wedding trip in the summer of 1999.

"After years of keeping a low profile, Dogg emerged from out of nowhere with this fine record. Instead of streamlined hard soul, this record carries a rock & roll clout that keeps even its most banal moments ("Wine, Women and Rock 'n' Roll") from terminal tedium. Song title highlight: Dogg's duet with Esther Phillips, "The Love We Got Ain't Worth Two Dead Flies." Kind of says it all, doesn't it." (John Dougan, Allmusic.com)

"(...) Dogg’s distinctive mix of Blues, Funk, social awareness, and general kookiness was lost on black and white audiences alike, and most of his albums have never been in print on disc. 1981’s I’m Not Selling Out was worth the ten bucks I paid for it (on LP) if only for the cover shot of Dogg dancing on a corporate boardroom table in white top hat and tails. But the music is even better - ‘Wine Women & Rock ‘N’ Roll’ gets things off to a rollicking start, ‘Dead Flies’ is a killer duet with Esther Phillips, ‘California Is Drowning And I Live Down By The River’ is a hilarious and heartbreaking look at the perils of life in the Golden State, and ‘A Hundred And’ sounds a lot like the music Al Green would have made if he hadn’t gone away from secular music right at the advent of disco. With lots of great guitar licks, and lyrical cream puffs like ‘We’ve got to make some jobs/And make ‘em fast/That’s the only way to get the poor folks/Off their ass’ this is an amazing album that has fallen through the cracks of popular culture." (from Endtroducing… dk presents
The Most Overlooked Albums Of All-Time")

Track listing :

Swamping salutations/Wine, Women and Rock & Roll
It's Just a Little Time Left
The Love We Got Ain't Worth Two Dead Flies
Low Friends in High Places
A Hundred And
Total Destruction to Your Mind
California Is Drowning and I Live Down by the River
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy #3

excerpt form the back cover (with notes from Swamp Dogg) :
...Not the best album of Swamp Dogg, too jazzy... but it contains always some killer titles, and it remains a bit rare.

Listen to : "The love we got ain't worth two dead flies" (with Ester Philips)