6 janv. 2008

Katalunya !! the french surf of "Les Pickpockets" (2)

By demand and demand and demand... and the two minutes passed away. (private joke)
So here it is , in the comments : (Re)-post of the great demo from this fabulous but undercovered 90's French surf band :

Les PICKPOCKETS (from Sète)

The band
came to play to Roanne with a "remorque" (about 600 km).
At the arriving, the Vox amplifier was dead !
(© photo F. Guigue)

See previous post (2006) for informations 'bout the band.

Ps : keep in touch for a complete wild video set of the band from 1995 to come... , on "Hectorvadair"'s Dailymotion account baby !