22 oct. 2007

You are on my mind ! (The bogeymen, part 4) French rarities vol 8)

A promise is a promise... After some shoots*, some videos, two notes with discography... here are :

The BOGEYMEN live Chambéry, 03/07/1993, in real trashorama.

photo : © F. Guigue

Don't try to put me down (live 93) (Rare never issued track.)
All rights reserved : Hectorvadair

This 03rd of July, I haven't the idea to see live this great band. I just known the name, its reputation, and I have already had the chance to see them on stage, but unfortunaltely, arriving at Macon some weeks ago, a member was ill, and the band had been remplaced by another.

So this week-end, I was visiting a friend of mine, near Chambéry, and in the middle of the afternoon, around the table, with a good wine in hand, we look for the cultural manifestations. What a surprise to read in the newspaper that the Bogeymen were programmed by the Larsen label, not far from here with the Squares and two other bands !

So we went to the Parc du buisson rond.

Notice : This is a fan document, not intended for a bootleg (for shit people). If you listen voices and sound's variations during the tracks, it's normal. It's just because I was so excited that I run in all the directions, combining the recording of the set with my walkman and the shooting of the scene with my photograph. It's fan bootleg in its true reality, with no consideration of making money with it. Just sharing.

Anyway, you will admit it's a great document, considering there is nothing else around about the band. Am I alone to have documents ? I don't think so. But you're so square...

Track listing of the set (almost complete)
1 You are on my mind (1st ending) 0:18
2 I'll get to you 2:02

3 She let me down 2:12

4 Backward child 2:06

5 I just need somebody 2:21
6 She's not mine 1:54
7 You're my candy 2:16
9 I've got nobody (ending) 1:08
10 Don't be afraid of me 2:44

11 Don't try to put me down 1:38
12 Roaming child 2:19
13 We'll feel allright 2:46
14 I feel well 2:31
15 Action time 2:48
16 You are on my mind (encore) 2:38
(missing "8 Electrocution" : end of k7)

(*) see the photo album here

Read my original chronicle in Here, le zine des sect maniacs up above.

No more players at all !

Yep, I realised that it's worst having players instead of a simple mp3 link, because you cannot download the files I intended to.
So, basta with the players, and enjoy everything !

21 oct. 2007

JULIAN COPE : Last of the independant hero

Cope with his band (insert of Saint Julian's lp)
Look for his special personnalised micro, where he climbs on it in concert.

I first heard about Julian Cope in 1987 with the cool Saint Julian lp. Great album of deranged pop, but full of classics such as World shut your mouth, Trampolene or Space hopper.
Yes, I also known at that time that Cope came out of his band Teardrop Explodes and that it was not his first solo lp, but his discography was already not easy to find in France.

Then, the artist entered in a glorious period of enlightment by the help of these sus-mentionned singles. French radio broadcast Bernard Lenoir's Les inrockuptibles intensively airwaved these tunes and it was soon followed in 1988 by a new album on the same Island label : "My nation underground", as pop and as commercialy "formated". But it failed, in spite of a great live "black session" (Lenoir = black in english), where Cope offered us a superb compilation of some of his best habited songs (*).

This was to be a climax.
Two years later, the wind has turned.
Cope was thankfulled by his record label, and he returned to independance, to bizarre music, and to... shadow. If you were not in Great britain, it became difficult to get news about mister Cope (except on Bernard Lenoir's broadcast).

But nonetheless, the "Droolian" was continuing making albums and big part of them are worth the listen. That you take the superb double lp "Peggy suicide" (1991) , 20 mothers (1995) or anything else til now, you can always expect some good music with intelligent message on it. That it contains rough, punk, psyche, transe or popish songs, or the whole thing mixed, Julian Cope's albums are always where we cannot wait for them, and in the same time never disappointing.
Ok, you have also to look hard for it, but it's worth having a handfull of them in its discotheque.

Isn't it the rule for all of the last independant heroes ?

Read a cool chronicle of the Sunspot ep on the great Vivonzeureux web zine.

See also a good resume of his activities on Wiki.

Space-hopper (live Cigale 1988)

(*) Soon here : Julian Cope's live at the Cigale , Paris, 30 Oct 1988.

19 oct. 2007

Beat promises (french garage part 7)

PRETTY BOYS Beat promises
(Surfin Bird records, 1984)
Test pressing

I ain't gonna change my style

That are the Nineteen Promises !
Gildas from Nineteen/Dig it fanzine promised some times ago the rare lp by the 80's french PRETTY BOYS, so here it is. Thanks to him.
And as good news never arrive alone, he gives us the test pressing version ! (11 tracks vs 7 on the original lp). But no big surprises, just false starts or part of tracks.

I have no great infos on the band, excepting that they were from Perigueux, and the informations collected in the discographie du rock français and some chronicles in Nineteen.

Chronicle from Nineteen #10 (June 84)

Their lp (so these tracks) is in a great 60's garage style, with a kinda "trash" sound that could be compared to the Coronados one (?).
At that time, the production was not very appreciated by the fanzine. And objectively in retrospect, the band did not make a great career. Here is a souvenir of one of these rare french rock'nroll bands from the 80's that have, anyway, had the chance to make an lp.
Enjoy !
Line up :

Matthieu Saillard (chant), Emmanuel Pastel (guitare), Patrice Roulvet (guitare), Philippe Feydri (basse), Didier Feydri (batterie).

Original Track listing :

I ain't gonna change my style / Real moves / Another girl sony / Tell your mother // Cruisin'in wouderland / Plan X / Merry go round.

Test pressing :
01 3:10
02 3:09
03 1:27
04 1:27
05 (part of 4) 0:46
06 (idem) 0:37
07 (idem) 1:03
08 (piste nulle) 0:00
09 0:43
10 1:59
11 Merry go round 2:40

17 oct. 2007

Elegant chaos in action-time !

Yes, yes, yes !...
No great posts til two weeks, and no Strychnine lp as promised... I know I did a bad job guys.
Some people also ask me for the Bogeymen again... and I will repost it., but I haven't the time... and I'm not a machine (gun etiquette ?).

But I did work tonight ! Look at the precedents last post : I have integrated a hand full of mp3's with the real true player, and it will continue from today til the end of time (inch Allah !).

So : from now on, I will post each week a minimum of one good mp3, like I did with the Soul posts some weeks ago. Great and rare singles, from every period and style, but from my collection, and in any order. Albums will be post too, but 1 mp3 will be enjoyable each time.

Tonight, because I like it and because my friend François dont know well Julian Cope, enjoy this Elegant chaos from the first lp "World shut your mouth" (or also named : "1984", see previous note).

See also the Julian Cope complete discography on Headheritage.

Ps :
soon, a complete listing of what to find on mp3 in action-time !