31 août 2007

"Things get better ..." (french killers, part 3)

...When the sun goes down !
...Try to get'em, can't find the town (...)
We're just little night creatures ...in the human race".

Things get better :

(What ? Fixed up are vampires ???...
So, real killers, for sure ! Guess with this ps, it was a little obvious !
The front man looks like Vincent Price)

Fixed Up (S/t) 1984 Closer Records

Produced by Larry Wallis; Engineered by Alec Hawkins,
Recorded at Flame studios (London)

Chronique et article parus dans Nineteen n°12 (Octobre 1984)

Track listing :

Things get better
Get out of my mind
Shake !
I can't stand it
Mojo woman
Wild side
Strangest girl
Bottle up and go
Something right
Look out !
Good times
Don't forget

ps : don't forget the second lp on Power Pop criminals

28 août 2007

The What For : repost

By request :

another time, the (almost) complete discography
by this exceeeeeellent 80's german band.

See the previous note (and comments) for informations.

26 août 2007

Rare 80's french garage bands : part 2

SNIPERS : Alligator mini lp, New Rose 1985 (6 tracks)

Snipers : What you have here is one of the finest but one of the most underrated (out of France) band from this period, unless they recorded 3 lps. The Snipers were playing a great music that reminds me the Rnb/country style of such bands like the Long Ryders. The guitars are brilliant, the rhythms danceable, thus the words in french are poetic and well written. Many of the french bands from this period sounded that way (ie : more popish than punk), but the good production in this one makes them sound great.

In bonus today, a punkish 7" from another rare french garage band : GPS (Garage psychiatrique suburbain).
GPS : 7 " Quand revient l'été /Samedi soir (Underdog 1982)

The back of the picture cover better illustrates their sound as the recto is so unappropriated.
Listen to : Quand revient l'été

Next time : Second lp by the Fixed up.

For track listing, don't forget to visit : the complete french 80's garage & punk discography

Read : More infos about the snipers.

25 août 2007

I 'd like to get my four heads back !!!

Want list :

This cool mini lp by the Headless horsemen.
f anybody has a clue...
I just have the cover to propose today.

Copyright text above : Timothy Gassen from Thee Knights of Fuzz.

20 août 2007

By request, The Out four

(OF0001, 1995)

Another time, and by request, the first ep by my own garage/Rnb band, on Cineux, but with our own references (OF for "Out Four", obviously !).
And this time, in real "Mp3'orama" !

Listen to the traxs :

Drive me faster

Where the action is

I'm not sure

Go to Thee Cave for the complete disco and infos about the band, and if you like, to the official site (even if not updated) for more chronicles and pics. (More on the way here)

ps : I have the rights on this record, and even if I have no more copies of this one to sell, I do have some copies of the Blowback's ep on WTAI, plus some other cool 90's records (25 " Wild and groovy my dear Watson...), and more.
Ask if you want a list.

18 août 2007

Come back soon !

Hey, don't worry. I will repost Kliek and What For soon, plus great other albums you're... not waiting for.

Stay tuned !!