6 janv. 2014

Sarah records Paris venue 1990, part 4 : Another sunny day

Now, you got this one !
It's time to close this file, with the last part of this historical gig :

> Another sunnyday, with one of their finest moments, live in France !

Paris, New morning, 21 st January 1990

6 tracks :  
-Things will be nice
- Horseriding 

- You should all be murdered
- Green
- Can't you tell it's true ?
- (Track without title )

> Hope you've all enjoyed the share !
Thank you for your comments, other sharing, cool souvenirs about Sarah Records... etc.

Harvey Williams, without glasses
photos : P. Ciron
All sounds recorded via a walkman, by your servitor : Franck, aka Hectorvadair.

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3 janv. 2014