31 mars 2008

Spacehopper 1988 !

JULIAN COPE was invited at le Festival des Inrockuptibles, this 30rd of October 1988.
Weather Prophets, The Pastels, Duritti Column, and House of Love had already played just before; and the show should begin...

Enjoy this maestria of words and music.

© Painting : Max, from the "No laughing martyr" paper by Jonathan Romney, NME, 22nd Oct 1988.

ps : Thanks to Bernard Lenoir for the sound !
(but it's truly taken from a k7, so don't ask for a better sound).

Tracklisting :
Butterly shadow/Someone like me 6:17
Easter everywhere 3:00
Strasbourg 2:40
Charlotte Anne 5:22
Meditation 4:15
China doll 4:40
Sunspot 3:40
My nation underground 7:51
I've red it in books 2:56
Shotdown 4:05
Trampolene 3:36
Space hopper 5:23
World shut your mouth 8:54