14 déc. 2012

The Blues Project - A Compendium Of The Very Best On The Urban Blues Scene

Elektra lp EKS-7264 stereo (1964)
Producer – Jac Holzman, Paul A. Rothchild

Seems some albums have gained a cult status among the afficionados of "good" music. And the blues amateurs have their own.
"The Blues project, a compendium of...." is one of these nuggets, and if some vinyl copies of this 1964 Elektra compilation are seen regularly on the net, at correct prices, it makes bigger surprise to not find it on the sharing blogs communities .

After "the Blues project live at the cafe au gogo" posted some years ago on this same blog, and continuing my search of blues  and folk "goodies",  I'm proud to share with you this excellent album, which demonstrates, among others, the early efforts of a great 60's boom guitarist and leader : Danny Kalb of the same named "Blues project's band.

Enjoy the record (even if very scratchy and jumping at least on the superb Kalb instru on the  B side*), and the liner notes. These, wrote by Paul Nelson are very helpfull to understand the blues as it was seen at the times, and the work that some young white men were practicing in order to "save" what Nelson describes as "the good old days" the black community wanted on the other hand to overpass.
Clic to read the notes

Thanks in advance to all the rights owners, who will understand, I'm sure, the interest of sharing this.
This lp is actually not commercalised, in any form, and have never been issued on CD.

(*) But a cool different version of this song was re-recorded by Danny on his "All together now" album, and is enjoyable on Spotify.

Track listing (Flack files, via AIF, 262,7 Mo) :

A1 Dave Ray – Fixin' To Die 
A2 Eric Von Schmidt – Blow Whistle Blow
A3 John Koerner – My Little Woman 
A4 Geoff Muldaur – Ginger Man 
A5 Dave Van Ronk – Bad Dream Blues 
A6 Ian Buchanan – Winding Boy 
A7 Danny Kalb – I'm Troubled 
A8 Mark Spoelstra – France Blues 
B1 Dave Van Ronk – Don't You Leave Me Here 
B2 Geoff Muldaur – Devil Got My Woman 
B3 John Koerner – Southbound Train 
B4 Geoff Muldaur – Downtown Blues 
B5 Dave Ray – Leavin' Here Blues 
B6 Danny Kalb – Hello Baby Blues 
B7 Mark Spoelstra – She's Gone 
B8 Dave Ray – Slappin' On My Black Cat Bonenow