30 oct. 2006

And now...ladies and gentlemen...

one of our favorite 60's TV hero :

For those of you who are lovers of Lalo Shifrin, and whose these bad reissues of great "re-recorded" soundtracks some years ago have given needs to die... I offer today one of the best of these, in real 60's fuzzorama, and from a mint vinyl copy.
Hear "Fear" with this real fuzzy guirar. It has no comparison with the re-recording !!
Copy found at Black and White Records shop, Nice, France (in summer 1999)

Mannix, original soundtrack (Warner/Parmount French edition 1969)


01 Mannix [Main Title]
02 The Edge Of Night
03 The Girl Who Came In With The Tide
04 Beyond The Shadow Of Today
05 The Shadow
06 Turn Every Stone
07 Hunt Down
08 Warning - Live Blueberrys
09 Fear
10 The End Of The Rainbow
11 End Game

get it :
pw of course : wtai

2 commentaires:

A Dashing Blade a dit…

With as good a version of Peter Gunn as you're likely to hear.
Tvm for this one.

mocho a dit…

good one , great blog