22 oct. 2007

You are on my mind ! (The bogeymen, part 4) French rarities vol 8)

A promise is a promise... After some shoots*, some videos, two notes with discography... here are :

The BOGEYMEN live Chambéry, 03/07/1993, in real trashorama.

photo : © F. Guigue

Don't try to put me down (live 93) (Rare never issued track.)
All rights reserved : Hectorvadair

This 03rd of July, I haven't the idea to see live this great band. I just known the name, its reputation, and I have already had the chance to see them on stage, but unfortunaltely, arriving at Macon some weeks ago, a member was ill, and the band had been remplaced by another.

So this week-end, I was visiting a friend of mine, near Chambéry, and in the middle of the afternoon, around the table, with a good wine in hand, we look for the cultural manifestations. What a surprise to read in the newspaper that the Bogeymen were programmed by the Larsen label, not far from here with the Squares and two other bands !

So we went to the Parc du buisson rond.

Notice : This is a fan document, not intended for a bootleg (for shit people). If you listen voices and sound's variations during the tracks, it's normal. It's just because I was so excited that I run in all the directions, combining the recording of the set with my walkman and the shooting of the scene with my photograph. It's fan bootleg in its true reality, with no consideration of making money with it. Just sharing.

Anyway, you will admit it's a great document, considering there is nothing else around about the band. Am I alone to have documents ? I don't think so. But you're so square...

Track listing of the set (almost complete)
1 You are on my mind (1st ending) 0:18
2 I'll get to you 2:02

3 She let me down 2:12

4 Backward child 2:06

5 I just need somebody 2:21
6 She's not mine 1:54
7 You're my candy 2:16
9 I've got nobody (ending) 1:08
10 Don't be afraid of me 2:44

11 Don't try to put me down 1:38
12 Roaming child 2:19
13 We'll feel allright 2:46
14 I feel well 2:31
15 Action time 2:48
16 You are on my mind (encore) 2:38
(missing "8 Electrocution" : end of k7)

(*) see the photo album here

Read my original chronicle in Here, le zine des sect maniacs up above.

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Hectorvadair a dit…

Bogeymen live Chambery 1993

part 1 :

part 2 :

part 3 : http://sharebee.com/194701af

Unknown a dit…

Putain tu m'avais pas dis que t'avais ça en ta possession! bon ben reste plus qu'à l'écouter là

Unknown a dit…

Bon ben voilà écouté... Le plus bizarre étant l'impression d'écouter 14 classiques d'affilé, joués à 400 à l'heure. Le son est super roots, ajouté aux petits commentaires et hurlements persos (c'est Anne Marie que t'appelles Kittycat?...), en font un truc vraiment mortel à écouter. Tout ça pour redire que Bauer était le McCartney/Lennon français(comment ça j'éxagère?...)et qu'en live çà devait vraiment tout défoncer. Merci tonton franckie encore une fois.(et oublies pas si t'as des vidéos de bonne qualité hein...)

Anonyme a dit…

Et le lp de Strychnine alors ?
pas de nouvelles ?

Hectorvadair a dit…

Si, le lp de Strychnine, il devrait pas tarder. Plus "Ragnana" 45s de Strychnine. Par contre, je n'ai finalement pas le premier ep des Soucoupes. Juste le single violet et le split Nineteen (avec Love potion #9).
Voilou voilou...

punkdeleimon a dit…

Cool Stuff !

Anonyme a dit…

bon super, sinon le premier Stinky toys sur Rapidshare est là :

Anonyme a dit…

I don't really understand what you mean by "shit people " !
Do you think is it possible to make money with a Bogeymen bootleg ?
...and maybe nobody else has a Bogeymen bootleg to share !
People are not so square !

Hectorvadair a dit…

Sorry for the terms if I shocked someone. I just wanted to say that I'm disapointed to not find anything else about the band on the net except what I post.
And to explain my sentence : "not bootleg for shit people", I just wanted to prevent some comments who should have said : "shit sound, why did you gave us that, etc..."
That's all.
No offence for me.

Anonyme a dit…

Je viens de découvrir le blog et je pense que je vais y revenir souvent . Déjà ce live des bogeymen( groupe que je ne connaissais pas) : trop bon .
je file sur mon blog pour en parler et renvoyer mes lecteurs chez vous bien évidemment !
daniel ( de http://next.musicblog.fr/ )

Unknown a dit…

hey guys
c'est laurent bauer au bout du clavier
très touché
merci mucho
à bientôt en chair et en os j'espère

Hectorvadair a dit…

Merci Laurent pour ton petit couou !
...J'ai vu le film de François réalisé à Angoulème, très touchant aussi.
...Au paisir !
(Franck, alias Hector)

Garageland a dit…


Anonyme a dit…