27 juin 2009

Geraldine, more than I need you !!

Another superb garage track previously posted on le podcast d'Hector as :
" Lyres live at Cantones : awsome killers !", 2 décembre, 2006 à 14:33

This lp came in 1987 on the Crypt label, and was a compilation of live PD broadcasting along the years. This take is apparently recorded in Boston, as we understand Jeff tell : "Right now Boston, there's a regular from Frank Rowe's classic Ruins (...) It's called Geraldine (...) needed money. ... More than I need you ! " (...)

This song was composed by one member of the band, Frank Rowe, guitarist durin' the year 1980. See the differents line ups on : Lyres/DMZ

For me, this lp is one of the best Lyres lp, and one of the most fabulous rock'nroll live lp ever heard, all international bands and period concerned. (Thanks again Bro' !)

As a bonus, iI give you this pretty little photogaph, taken by your servitor on September 1993, when the Lyres played at the Balthazard, Thiers (France)

Note that the whole lp is available at this adress, thanks to "Dont ask me I don't know" blog.

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