1 juil. 2009

Say you want ... the shanes ! (a rare single)

The Shanes are a very interesting 60's swedish band, that I've discovered thanks to my pal Thierry Uberti sometimes between 1993 and 1994 on a video tape showing many rare and wild garage bands.
You can today have a look on this kind of stuff via Youtube, through this link, for instance.

Their story is also told on the site Kiwi-us.com.

Anyway, not late after this discovering, I came to a record convention in a very little french town with some pals (Montrond les bains, 42), and what a surprise to felt on this piece of vinyle :

No need to say that for 70 francs (10,67 €) (I thinks that's it), I jumped on it. Plus, the fact that I had the chance to listen to it before buying finished to convince me.

So, for the first time since then, let me share you this very rare and great piece of vinyle. One between all that I'm the most proud of.

Say you want me :

Let me tell you who I am :

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