22 janv. 2011

Sex Museum : Fuzz Face : original recordings

Animal 002 lp, 1992

Here is the Animal label's version (reissue) of this classic garage album by the madrilene Sex Museum. Note that this reissue saw a remix of the album, and a different order of tracklistng (as noted on the insert reproduced below)

Below, you can red the infos on other blogs, get the original lp (on Fidias, 1987) : http://mutant-sounds, and I have posted here the insert of the Animal lp.
Plus, one of my favorites from the album, just for your enjoyment :

"Ya es tarde" :

Other notes on the web :




6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Where's the link; i'm a big big fan. Thanks

Hectorvadair a dit…

Enjoy ! :

John a dit…

Link dead (limit 10 downloads)
Please, can you reupload?

Hectorvadair a dit…

That's done John ! :

John a dit…

Many thanks for re-upload.
Excellent disc.

Pankito a dit…

link error!