30 mai 2011

Pictures of Yan Tregger

As I was listening to some records at home, I passed upon this lp a friend of mine sold me some years ago for some francs.

Yan Tregger is known by afficionados for movie soundtracks, and not Blockbusters, believe me.
Last week I tried to listen to an horror movie soundtrack from this guy : ("Bloodnight", 1982), and I rapidely deleted it after dowloading, because of its lack of interest.

But this one is not made of this shape. Rather an imaginary movie soundtrack than a real one, this is (and after Groovecollector.com) :
"A killer... fuzzy & groovy jerks LP, french killer instrumentation with enormous breaks on this orchestral instrumental pop psycho 70's ."

Listen to "Hugger mugger"

The original first (and really rare) edition (was) on Neuilly white press. It exists also on other cheap press on crea sound ... so this is the one I share today with you.

Enjoy !

Pictures, by Yan Tregger
1970, France, label Crea sound.
MC 8004

Tracklisting :

1 The Spaniel
2 Hugger Mugger
3 The Ariadne's Clew
4 The Finch
5 In The Shaft
6 The Enginering
7 The Travel
8 The Steam Cracking
9 Mineral
10 The Heurthey Theme

192 kbs MP3

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Hectorvadair a dit…

Enjoy !:

Anonyme a dit…

Seems to be terrific dear Hector but what about the password ?

AnDeRsSoN a dit…

Same here, no password. I've been looking for this, and by looking, I found your blog which seems (and - more importantly - sounds, the minute I clicked!) essential. I'll be coming back here to listen, password or no password. ;)

Hectorvadair a dit…

Hey guys,. ok, you're not familiar with Action-time. But you'll know (and there is a clue on the right side of this blog), that the pw will always be "wtai" (for "Where the action is"). Yep. Enjoy. (if the link is always ok).
If not, I will reup.