10 avr. 2013

Thank you Stoneage cavemen !

After all these months, (since 2006) the superb Stoneage cavemen Geocoties site is "back", with the help of Reocities, a project that rehash the lost geocities url since 2009.

Stoneage cavemen was (is) one the best site talking about garage rock bands from 80's and 90's, and come out from Greece. (See thee caveman, the blog, parallel url, from same guy.)

It was before Rate your music and Discogs became "big", and this site was the only specialised one who listed the records and tried to present systematically some photographs of the bands he known often personally (on an international level). That explains why some very little bands are present.

None is all in place today on the site.. but a big part rules ok.

> The essential complement of older's The Knight of fuzz.


For the fiesta, a little friandise. (New 14 04 2013 : )
Original version of superb "Indian path", by the Electric shields, 1988)

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George Rigas a dit…

Damn, what a surprise, ha!
Thanks for your kind words again, my friend & dig the Fuzz!!!