8 août 2013

Sarah records Paris venue 1990, part 3 : St Christopher

A promise is a promise, and as it is (was) my birthday today (44 years, guess I'm kinda old now ?), let me share with you the third part of this magic gig from the past.
(1990 : what a cool decade !)
I have not many souvenirs from this set, except that it was a very good one, and that St Christopher was as good on vinyle, as on stage.

Enjoy, Sarah fans from the world !

© photos : P. Ciron, & Action-time

5 commentaires:

Hectorvadair a dit…

Enjoy everybody ! And today, no pw needed :
(but Aic files, and a loooog file title, sorry)


Cecile a dit…

This is cool!

Anonyme a dit…

Many big thanks.
Now bring on part 4 too, please! :)

Hectorvadair a dit…

6 tracks for Another sunnyday, but too bad, no "Pristine..."
The set is very cool nevertheless.
...On the way !

Anonyme a dit…

Please bring on Another Sunny Day too! Please!