16 sept. 2006

You must break that semi-circular kind of mold...

with LMNOP !!
(80's Pop at his very best.)

LMNOP is Stephen Fievet, an Atlanta native whose deceptively sweet vocal style and fondness for near-bubblegum melodies partially hides about the most twisted, perverse sense of humor in rock & roll history.(...)
LMNOP first hit the pop underground with three self-released cassettes, 1982's LMNOP, 1984's LMNOP LMNOP, and 1985's LMNO3. Fievet's most accessible work, these tapes are ultra-catchy pop with clever lyrics, hooks aplenty, and Fievet's most deceptively innocent vocals. Fievet re-recorded some tracks from these three tapes for his first two vinyl albums, 1986's Elemen Opee Elpee and 1987's Pony, which sound like a cross between R. Stevie Moore and the Three O'Clock (...)
(rest of the story by Stewart Mason on Allmusic.com.)

For my part, LMNOPee Lpee is one of my favorite pop album , and while his weird texts could make me remember of Zappa or Captain Beefheart, we could also musically filed it between The Last, the Squeeze, Undertones, (listen to this guitar), and for the kind of compact and much personnal songwriting : Devo and Lloyd Cole. (waouh !)

Stefen Fievet have a web site, where you could find all you want to : from the music to his weird comics.

LMNOP is Stephen Fievet (guit, keys, bass, vocals), Steve Lange (drums, keys, vocals), with Tom Lewis (bass, keys), Ken Sailer (guit., bass)

Elemen opee elpee (New Rose 109 french edition;1986)

Tapes, Like A Diatom, Please Believe Me, Constant Change, The Big Ride, Wanna Write A Letter, Kaleidoscope, Escapes, Breakfast Cereal, This Is Logical Thinking, Semi-Circular, Impossible, Y?, Comparative Analysis,Sandwich Time For The Smaller Children.

file to get the album (pw is wtai): http://rapidshare.de/files/33445535/0017lmn06.rar.html

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Hectorvadair a dit…

34 downlads at his time; and zero comments. !!!
Thank you everybody. The album is not of your taste ?

Gye Greene a dit…

Found your blog entry while googling for "LMNOP" "Like a Diatom" "Wanna Write a Letter".

One of my fave albums! Glad to know **someone** out there likes it! :)

Since you like this, you **might** also like:

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(I got all of the above in the late '80s from the "Misc. New Wave" bin at my local used record shop -- probably five bucks each...) :)

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