25 mars 2007

Total destruction (to your mind, again!)

Well, it took me some times to ripp again and repost this one, caus I had lost the files.
So here it goes, in crackorama.

Total destruction to your mind

See the previous post for infos.

the link :

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hoosteen a dit…

You are a wonderful, wonderful person for posting this. I can't find a vinyl of this that isn't in the triple digits, thanks a ton!

Hector a dit…

You're welcome hoosten !

Hector a dit…

and I have more of Swamp Dogg. To come .. someday!

Anonyme a dit…

Love Jerry Williams. Great blog - just discovered it reading a comment from you on fullundie. If you get time, take a look at my own little blog


Many thanks


Hector a dit…

Well, Soulman red, your blog is a very good one, and I'd like to meet you, like many web soul friends like you.
Anyway, thanks for sharing. It amazes me to see all these great works. houlala... I just haven't enough time to post more.
See you.

Anonyme a dit…

great, funny album! thanks for sharing!

Maxim a dit…

Thank you SO MUCH. I love the Dogg - bring it on, can't wait to hear the rest of what you have!

Hector a dit…

By request, it will be the newt post.

Tommy C a dit…

Hector, I found the re-post of Total Destruction To Your Mind in your archives so nevermind!But I've also found a lot of other stuff that I want to check out so Thanks Again!