8 avr. 2007

Soul soul feeling !

HARRY BATCHELOR and the Mighty crowns
Soul soul feeling
(B side of Just a few more minutes, Roulette 45VR 195053 disques Vogue)

I had time for thoughts this week-end.
And after my last note, I told myself that I could share my collection in a better and easier way than absolutely complete albums each time in doing here what I have already done on le Podcast d'hector. Put some good (and rare) singles on Action time.
More, Mephisto's rock gems gave me the energy, so... beginning with my favorite soul/funk/rn'blues 45's....

No info on this very good funky piece, with fuzz and loud organ, just that Harry Batchelor apparently have played with one of the first Jimi Hendrix/ Billy Cox band "King casuals" in 1962, and that it's pretty much collectable. Have a look on Les groupes de Jimi site
where I found this photo. (Harry Batchelor is the singer).

One time again, the B side is the better.

Soul soul feeling :

Download it

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Hector,

Do you know when this single was recorded.
greetings Paul

Hectorvadair a dit…

This french issue on Vogue label is the n° 7041 of Roulette from 1969.
Again an answer found on the incredible :

My french copy has "Sweet cherry wine/Breakaway" single cover picture from Tommy James and the Shondells at its back, , plus "I'm the mood for love/ too late to worry..;" from Ester Phillips...