26 avr. 2007

1984 : shhhhhhhhhht !

That's not because Soul is on Action time for some weeks that Julian has not the right to tell :

(Mercury 1984)

"Musician, writer, historian, and cosmic shaman Julian Cope was born in October 1957 in Deri, South Glamorgan, Wales. He was raised in Tamworth, England, and like many a young artist, suffered through academia as a perpetual outsider. In 1976, upon attending college in Liverpool, Cope found himself part of a community of musicians -- and kindred souls -- including Ian McCulloch, Pete Burns, and Pete Wylie. After various incarnations and not so amicable departures (McCulloch went on to fame with Echo & the Bunnymen), the Teardrop Explodes were formed. One of the more influential bands of the late '70s, the group delivered a volatile mix of neo-psychedelic rock and electro-pop. As the band's success grew, so did Cope's reputation for debauchery, resulting in erratic, drug-addled stage behavior that occasionally led to bloodletting. In 1983, after numerous lineup changes and legendary feuds between Cope and Zoo Records figurehead Bill Drummond, the band ceased operations.

By 1984, Cope's love of hallucinogenics -- as well as a toy car collection that occupied nearly an entire year of his life -- was at an all-time high. Despite his altered state, he released World Shut You Mouth, his solo debut on Mercury Records. An elegant collection of chamber pop and Teardrop-fueled electricity, the album divided critics and fans alike, especially upon the release of director David Bailey's macabre video for the first single, "Sunshine Playroom." (from the notes of James Christopher Monger, on Allmusic).

I'll be glad to propose later the second album "Fried" with its crazy picture sleeve included cover art of the artist in a sandbox wearing nothing but a gigantic turtle shell. And more to come... I really love what Cope is doing in music field and also his crazyness and love for the psychedelic and 70's prog music .

So you could have an eye (or two) on his super book Krautrocksampler published in 1996 by Head heritage and Kargo & Eclat in France in 2005.

See also his Krautock top 50 at
Groonrick list on Rateyourmusic.

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Hectorvadair a dit…

Ok, here is the link for
World shut your mouth :

Enjoy !
pw : wtai as usual.

Anonyme a dit…

can you post it with higher quality ? if you can .....if not thank the same.

this record is a gem thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Hector -
1) can you post the single "World Shut your mouth"?
2) Can you re-post Illegal Greatest Hits (IRS, 1981)?

Thanks for everything!

Hectorvadair a dit…

No, I can't post with higher quality caus it's provided from an original audio cassette (!!!)
But, yes, I have the single "World shut your mouth", and I can reupload the IRS comp.
I'll do it in the week-end.
Thanks for comments.

Anonyme a dit…

Great - thanks.

Jim a dit…

Thank you much.

Anonyme a dit…

WORLD SHUT YOUR MOUTH: http://rapidshare.com/files/3512609/World_Shut_Your_Mouth_.zip FRIED http://rs67.rapidshare.com/files/35142376/Fried.zip

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Hectorvadair a dit…

Thank you John Drake !