25 août 2007

I 'd like to get my four heads back !!!

Want list :

This cool mini lp by the Headless horsemen.
f anybody has a clue...
I just have the cover to propose today.

Copyright text above : Timothy Gassen from Thee Knights of Fuzz.

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Anonyme a dit…

I just bought this on cassette! As soon as I can find someone with an apparatus that will play it this forgotten medium, I'll upload this record. It is truly fantastic!!

Mondo Gitane a dit…

it's not that good. I have it on vinyl. and it's not an ep, it contains 12 songs:
Cant help but shake-bitter heart-just yesterday-her only friend-i see the truth-it's all away-same old thing-not today-any port in a storm-she knows who-mojo item-cellar dwellar
I'm so analogic that i do not know how to convert from vinyl to mp3 or whatever, if some friend does it for me in the future, i'll let you know.
I'm so thankful with you for the Creeps live album....

Hectorvadair a dit…

Heyyyyy !.. Thank you pals.
It's amazing to read some cool words like these.
You know, it's not that I'm sure it's a great lp, but when you can't put your hands on some lp, it becomes an obsession.
For my part, I do have a "living room" burner that affords me to burn what I want (cassette, lps...).
Hope to get news from you !
Mondo Gitane, if you have any want list, don't hesitate. I'm not as hardless workman than RIP from Twilighzone, but I try to post some great rare recors when I have time. (but you undrestood I guess).

Anonyme a dit…

Lp / tapes --> CD
free & easy

thanks again for OUT FOR !!

ps :
the out four - where the action is @ 64 kbps.mp3
damage for really good sound

Anonyme a dit…

I don't know if you read this comment, but you can go now to http://rideyourpony-twighlightzone.blogspot.com/

you can see the headless horsemen!!!