20 août 2007

By request, The Out four

(OF0001, 1995)

Another time, and by request, the first ep by my own garage/Rnb band, on Cineux, but with our own references (OF for "Out Four", obviously !).
And this time, in real "Mp3'orama" !

Listen to the traxs :

Drive me faster

Where the action is

I'm not sure

Go to Thee Cave for the complete disco and infos about the band, and if you like, to the official site (even if not updated) for more chronicles and pics. (More on the way here)

ps : I have the rights on this record, and even if I have no more copies of this one to sell, I do have some copies of the Blowback's ep on WTAI, plus some other cool 90's records (25 " Wild and groovy my dear Watson...), and more.
Ask if you want a list.

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