27 oct. 2008

Never learn not to love

Bluebirds over the mountain b/w : Never learn to love
Capitol 1968

A great 45 taken from the session of 20/20 album (1969).

Where "Bluebirds..." is a pleasant an entertaining kitsch pop song, "Never learn..." give us once again to hear a great example of what the beach boys can make with their voices, in a magic and loving way.

I wrote in my previous note that Syd Matters should have been influenced by the band, so do listen to this original, with its psych feeling inside :
Never learn not to love :

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Anonyme a dit…

I think it's a Charles Manson song. Dennis Wilson was hanging out with them at the time (pre-Sharon Tate murders).

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes, but why it is credited to Wilson ?

ChangLooGrace a dit…

The story goes that Dennis Wilson gave Manson a motorcycle in exchange for the rights to the song.

Hectorvadair a dit…

Thank you again Changloograce !

Anonyme a dit…

Il me semble que c'est aussi parce que le titre d'origine,"cease to exist",ainsi que les paroles avaient été changé.Manson avait d'ailleurs à mots couverts menacé Dennis pour ces modifications.Si tu ne l'as pas lu,lis le bouquin de Barney Hoskyns "Wainting for the sun" sur l'histoire de la scene de Los Angeles dans les années 60-70, c'est très bien fait.Les liens entre Dennis et Manson y sont évoqués sans sensationnalisme.


Anonyme a dit…

Dude! Charlie wrote the song! The dorky Beach Boys ripped it off! Denis liked to screw the manson girls and get loaded with the family. Some sessions were recorded of Charlie at denis's house, but he freaked out and burned the tapes after the murders, because he felt they were not of this earth! Dumbshit! Check out the Lie album by Charlie! Historically interesting! Chatsworth,CA Out!

Anonyme a dit…

Charlie wrote the song! Go check out the Lie album!