15 nov. 2008

The Enemys are back !

Back in the late 90's I was visiting my friend Jean-Philippe Bidaine, a raw 45 60's french rare garage band's collector maniac from Montbeliard.

When trying some approach to buy some of his second hand 45s in his garage, he presented me this unknown piece of US 60's punk. : The ENEMYS.
Mo-jo woman (Buford)/My dues have been paid (Wells-Lustan). MGM, 1967 ? I presume.

Mojo Mama :

My Dues Have Been Paid :

Fact is that this one is from a jukebox only edition, but I never had the chance to find any information on this band from this day.
Mo-jo woman is pretty classic in his form, with basic rn'blues approach, thus raw in its teatment, while the mid-tempo "My dues have been paid" is more original, in my opinion, with interesting words about incarceration universe.

Anyway, enjoy these two sides of great garage punk, and tell me if you know (perhaps) something about this.

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ChangLooGrace a dit…

The Enemys are remembered mainly as the band that Cory Wells left to form Three Dog Night. Their story is here:

Hectorvadair a dit…

Oohh thank you chanlooGrace !
You're welcome when you want on this blog !