30 août 2010

Naked but class as the JAYBIRDS !

Back in 1994, when I ran the "Here" fanzine and WTAI label, I had the opportunity to interview this fantastic austrian Rnb band. Their second ep was just hot of the press at that time.
(promo photo at bottom right published originally in Here # 4, 1994)>

But just let's go a little back in time :

When the 1st lp by the austrian Jaybirds hit the market , back in 1993, they had already see the release of a superb ep, on their own label Ilsa Records, but this one was quicly out of order.
The style of the band was extremely pure and attached to the mid sixties Rnb sound as the original THEM (Van Morrison' combo) could deliver in their heydays.

This is Music maniac, the dutch label owned by Hans Kesteloo who produce the first lp in his "Teen trash" serie, devoted to europeean and american teeenage garage bands at that time.
This one was really enjoyable and a perfect introduction to all of the people who were searchnig cool and well played mod/garage sound in the 90's. Many "revival" bands at this period try to play good music also inspired byt he 60's, but rare were those who put as high the quality and sensibility as the Jaybirds did (as the What For, The Cardinals, and some others like the Kliek for instance). Actually we could find traces of them in some diverse specialised fanzines of that time... but... when a real site or real book devoted to this rich period and these numerous european bands will be written ?)

Anyway, a handfull of eps followed, many gigs too, and in 2002, the band decided to make a break.
That's only at the end of 2006 that they reformed. 2007/2008 shows them play a lot of gigs, always with the same inspiration, and they opened for the Sonics reformation in London, launching at this occasion a new single, full of Small faces perfume : "Take a chance".

Today, if you go on their Myspace page, you'll be surprised to discover their brand new album, after so many years of long playing absence.

It's called "Naked as the Jaybirds", it's on the "Time for action" label again, and you could expect a big blow in your ears.

Welcome back Jaybirds !!

Nb: this note was a bit inspired by the excellent "Psychedelic central" Jaybirds dedicated page, sot let's have an eye on this.

And go to the Myspace Jaybirds official page to hear their delicious sound and discover their actuality.

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