2 mars 2013

Offhooks, but in the good tracks !

The Offhooks 
Off the hook mini lp
DDT records, 1988

Back in 1994, many alternative bands were playing stuff making rendition to 60's  garage style. And the Thanes, discovered for me via Groovy eyes french distributor, and their "Anthena surprise" single (Screaming Apple) were one of the best. (See their bio, in french, on Larsen label site.) and a superb (and long) interview of Lenny Helsing, on garage punk hideout.

I had the opportunity to meet some of these bands, and talk about in a zine called Here at that time. But a different actor on the fan scene helped me to make it. Thierry U. (from Baba yaga famous garage zine) had become a friend, and gave me a lot of his knowledge on this scene, and the previous 80's one. He gave me also access to his very specialised record collection.
The scottish Offhooks (and the early Thanes "Green Telescopes") were part of it, as Lenny Helsing, the singer, was in these three bands, and has became a friend of Thierry.
Uk "State"'s label, (created in 2007) known, amongst others, for the 2009 Paul Messis singles and its faculty to put on the highlights some of the best psyche-folk-garage modern stuff (on vinyl for the most part), gave us a big surprise in 2011 with the publication of a complete unreleased lp from the Ofhooks*. (Yes !!)
...Surprise, for the band was appreciated for a unique 1988 six tracks 12“.

> This is this old (and rare) one that we proudly share with you today.

Off the hook mini lp, DDT records, 1988
Track listing : A1 Greed; A2 I'm a nothing; A3 Heartbreaking girl
B1 No more tears; B2 Got no lovin; B3 I can take it 

- Read a bio of the Offhooks on State label site :


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Enjoy : http://rapidshare.com/files/2678032340/ofhoolp.rar

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wtai is the word everybody !

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Cool! Tanx!

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Hi !
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