6 août 2016

The Coopers vs Chesterfield kings

The Coopers : Didn't I (Philips 1967)

Chesterfield Kings : Misty lane (Misty lane 1997)

But Philips seems to have published more sleeves like those of the Coopers, at least in 1967.
Cf this one, of the Chums :

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Rob Kopp a dit…

Beside the 2 sleevs you're showing, there are 10 other red sleeves in this series ... and 15 yellow ones!
These 27 sleevs are one of the 24 series in HOEZENBOEK (sleevesbook) of my fellow Platenclub Utrecht member Hans Evers
(see www.platenclubutrecht.nl)

Hectorvadair a dit…

Thank you Robb for this comment. I'm very please of it.
Well, I wasn't very aware of Plut, but do have at least one single : the one of Peter and the Blizzard in my collection* and will be very please to get a copy of them. I love this kind of books and have some : 1001 record collector dreams, the french : "les pochettes Pop", ... I'm also very happy to see Lenny quoted on the certificate of one of them. I had the opportunity to see the Thanes live in Piacenza some years ago, and had some mailing with him in the early 90's, when I was editing the Here french fanzine, and was drummin with the Out Four. A great guy
> (*) The Vaunts seems so incredible. love this sleeve.