4 déc. 2006

Groovy time with...

The Out Four !

At last, the first (and last) ep by my late band.
This one should have been edited by Groovy Eyes at that time, (1995) and that never was.
So we did on a limited basis of 100 copies given free with our lp, in 1997.
4 songs from the first and last ep of this french Rnb/Garage band.

As it is pretty rare, I give today the opportunity to listen to :

You can look

What he'd say

Bad boy

Groovy time

Enjoy !

2 commentaires:

YankeeBoy a dit…

Great songs! Is there any way to actually get this?

Hectorvadair a dit…

No, actually, it's sold out. (limited special edition to 100 copies).