4 déc. 2006

I've got no scrupules... (Bogeymen part 2)

to share Bogeymen on Action time !
© photo : F. Guigue

Previously I had posted the first album by this legendary french rnb/beat band,and by request I will repost it soon, but today, prepare yourselves to an incredible invasion:
the rare collection of their singles, eps and compilation tracks.
(to see the complete disco with pics, go to theecave)

Let's go :

You Are On My Mind/Candy
, F.F.Fascination Records, FFF 004, 1992

As Live As You Want Them EP, (Guess Who) Records, Guess EP 001, 1993
(Inside insert contains a card represented here with a different photo than the poor original cover, and noted : "France's newest hitmakers")

Action Time/I'm Sure You'll Get Everything You Want/Don't Try To Put Me Down/Tell Me What To Do/When I Get To You

You’ve Got No Scruples EP, Detour Records, 1993

You've Got No Scruples/Let Me Give You My Love/Gimme A Little Sign

Break Away, “ Penguins And Bondage” LP, That’s Entertainment, THEN 018, 1992 (recording demo from 1990). This appeared there caus the bassist for this session was norwegian. One of the first official recording known of the band!?

Just A Dream
, “Larsen #7” CD, Larsen magazine, 1992

I Want Her By My Side, Snap!! Records, The Sound Of Snap 7” EP, FUN 7001, 1994

Now, get the file :

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Anonyme a dit…

God Bless You
John T

Hectorvadair a dit…

You're welcome my dear friend !!

R. a dit…

Aye aye! This is great. Also many thanks for the Wylde Mammoths share. These shares make me particularly sentimental (among the many other smashing shares on your blog)...

Anonyme a dit…

hi hector
anychance you can repost this comp.
thanks a lot,dave p.

Anonyme a dit…

pas delien dommage...

perkins a dit…

Please, remets un lien. Vite!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Can You Please Re-Up The Link?

A Friend From Greec

Efstathiou Stathis

Hectorvadair a dit…
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Hectorvadair a dit…

I regularly re up the files on demand, but you have to check up the Google search bar to find it (and more important : follow the blog news with Rss feeds !!)
It was made in 2010 a second time.
I promess I will do it as soon as possible. Sorry.
Cheers !

Anonyme a dit…


I have checked the new link of 2010 and it doesn't also work.
Please re-up as soon as possible.

Thank You Very Much

Best Regards
Efstathiou Stathis