18 déc. 2006

When skeletons play bongos...

Well, it' surely Tempo tantrum !

I remember this year 1989, when I came to Mulhouse, France, not far from the Germany frontier. My friend who lived there bring me to a cool vinyl shop where I found this superb piece of rock'nroll.
At that time I just known the name A Bones by another friend of mine who was fond of Cramps, (Miriam Linna was the second Cramps drummer), Gun Club, etc... (you know, this strange kind of stuff; devil rock for deranged kids !?)
Hmmm,, well, so do I buy this, certain to keep back home a -bizarrerie.
In the meanwhile, I did my rock'nroll way, and been introduced to Norton label, and so Miriam Linna, etc, etc...

Today, it's with real emotion,and great pleasure that I keep off this piece of pure rockab/rock'nroll from my cellar, just for ...you.


Tempo Tantrum 10"EP (Exile, 1986, EX 10 EP 03)
-Gonna Be Loved
-Froggy Went A-Courtin'
-Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo
-Lordy Hoody

Line up :
Billy Miller: lead vocals
Lars Espensen: sax, backing vocals
Bruce Bennett: guitar, backing vocals
Mike Lewis: bass
Miriam Linna: drums, lead and backing vocals

More infos on Linna on Wikipedia.

the file : (pw is wtai) http://rapidshare.com/files/8011242/0027abo06.rar.html

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Anonyme a dit…

Interview with Mirriam and Billy

Hectorvadair a dit…

Thank you, anonymous user.

Anonyme a dit…

it's a very cool and rare (nowadays) piece of wax!!!! Kabooong!!

RYP a dit…

Have some warm rockin' and peaceful "days", Herr Hector!
RYP (drinkin' wine spo-de-o-dee)

Anonyme a dit…


if possible, would you please reup "The original blues sound of Charles Brown & Amos Milburn" album that you posted on august 17... i see you've listed some possible jackie shane tracks on it... i got turned on to this dude the other day... so far i'm diggin' him... anything you have from him would be great, especially live stuff!!!

either way, thanks for the cool blog!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes, anonyme pal, I will repost Jacke Shan. A s soon as I could.

Anonyme a dit…

hector, "Yes, anonyme pal, I will repost Jacke Shan. A s soon as I could."


Anonyme a dit…

are you still around ro a re-post of a-bones tempo tantrum?
thank you

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes I will.
Perhaps tonight.