22 juin 2011

Slow Slushy Boys "on the moon" soon !

Soon on Action-time, and more clearly on Dailymotion (Hectorvadair's canal), a complete video live performance by the french Slow Slushy Boys !

This superb live act captured in a french club at the occasion of their nervous "On the moon" 1997 tour will be a great occasion to (re) discover the band and its unique groovy and twangy Rhythm'n'blues.
13 tracks including : Believe me or not, Welfare cheese, Putting in your hands, She's my R4, Girl of mine, Hully Gully Welk, Do the boop, Say that you will, What's the matter with me ?...

Nb : Actually, there is nothing on video available on the net about the band.
...Keep in touch !

Ps : some infos about the Slow slushy boys here :
Official bio/disco : http://larsen.asso.fr/bands/ssb/ssb.htm

A resumed story on RockmadeinFrance

But these two had at least one error : there isn't an lp in 2009 : "Move your hand" is a single !! So the last lp is the 10" "Love and affection" (2005)

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