21 août 2006

Bunnys are wild !!

Un morceau rare des Bunnys, un des groupes phare du mouvement garage japonais ‘Group sounds" des 60’s. Ce dernier est tiré d’un ep que l’on m’avait enregistré sur K7 et dont le titre écrit en caractère japonais m’est resté indéchifrable .
nb : la pochette très belle du disque présenté ci- à côté ne correspond néanmoins pas au mp3.
 Anyway, enjoy !

I discovered The Japanese Bunnys about ten years ago, when visiting a friend those collection is about 60's punk and garage fuzz ep and singles with picture sleeves.
He sorted me this single, (or ep), with a great colour ps,and recorded this fantastic song for me. As frantic, wild and mad as this one, I didn't know at this period. (listen to the "hoo ha" of the singer and the super fuzz solo at the middle, it's grandissimo !)
But I can't read japanese writing, and even with some research on the web, I couldn't find what this title is all about.

Perhaps you could help me ?

And now, a great bio of Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys,from the Fancymag.

ps : there are two superb compil of singles (apparently) of the Bunnys on PVine, but I don't know them, and I didn't recognize the japanese signs of the title on the tracklisting of both.
More info on : Blues interactions

and for the lovers of surf sound, and Takeshi Terauchi, I strongly recommend this : Wfmu.org, where you could listen the mp3 for "This is Terauchi Bushi", by Takeshi Terauchi with his first band, Bunnys.

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Yolanda a dit…

sorry i can't help you, i don't know this band bit it seems very cool...