31 août 2006

Out in the rain... the What For !

(...and it works !!)
There is so much time passed since my last note, so it's time for... action now !
After the Kliek, and to return on dutch beat, like I had promess sometime, here is a fabulous beat band form Berlin that you can't live without.

"The kings of beatmusic in the eighties in Germany. Unrivaled and already a legend this band had it all. They were like the Pretty Things, the Kinks, The Who, The Downliner's Sect packed together in one !
"Bad night" is from their legendary first ep (...)"
(from the notes of Mike Korbik, owner of Twang Records, on his double cd comp "Tomorrow's pebbles today !" published in 1995)
* Heard about Mike on his page on : Myspace

I'd like to add the Outsiders (holland) in the list of influences this great band had.
This is one of the best records of my beat collection of the eighties, and you can file this alongside the records of other classics like the Creeps, the Wylde Mammooths, the Beatpack (soon on action Time), the Tell Tale Hearts,... to name but a few. Thanks to Twang Records for his very good taste, and his work in the eighties.

The What For were :
Urs Zelle : vocals; Pete Johannsen : drums; Martin : guitar; Boris Borowski : organ; Klotte/Thomas Starke : harmonica; Stephan Schulz : Bass guitar

Tracklisting of the album:

The What...for ! (Twang Records 1989)

01 Mach' mich an
02 Meany geany
03 You hurt me
04 He doesn't work
05 You drive me crazy
06 She's gone
07 I want it all
08 Of hopes and dreams
09 Comin' home.
10 By your side
11 Clarabella
12 Heartbeat
13 Her
14 The cost of living

In bonus, I add the Out in the rain ep (Twang 1991) :

15 Out in the rain
16 Rotkarierte petersilie
17 How I feel
18 Say alright

and 19 "Bad night", one track from their first (and sought after) ep that you can listen right now to cry alone in your bedroom :

(thanks to J-Marc Varlet from Varluche Records for having sent me the picture of the cover.)

the file : http://rapidshare.de/files/31477051/00016wf06.rar.html
pw,of course : wtai
Enjoy everybody !!

21 août 2006

Bunnys are wild !!

Un morceau rare des Bunnys, un des groupes phare du mouvement garage japonais ‘Group sounds" des 60’s. Ce dernier est tiré d’un ep que l’on m’avait enregistré sur K7 et dont le titre écrit en caractère japonais m’est resté indéchifrable .
nb : la pochette très belle du disque présenté ci- à côté ne correspond néanmoins pas au mp3.
 Anyway, enjoy !

I discovered The Japanese Bunnys about ten years ago, when visiting a friend those collection is about 60's punk and garage fuzz ep and singles with picture sleeves.
He sorted me this single, (or ep), with a great colour ps,and recorded this fantastic song for me. As frantic, wild and mad as this one, I didn't know at this period. (listen to the "hoo ha" of the singer and the super fuzz solo at the middle, it's grandissimo !)
But I can't read japanese writing, and even with some research on the web, I couldn't find what this title is all about.

Perhaps you could help me ?

And now, a great bio of Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys,from the Fancymag.

ps : there are two superb compil of singles (apparently) of the Bunnys on PVine, but I don't know them, and I didn't recognize the japanese signs of the title on the tracklisting of both.
More info on : Blues interactions

and for the lovers of surf sound, and Takeshi Terauchi, I strongly recommend this : Wfmu.org, where you could listen the mp3 for "This is Terauchi Bushi", by Takeshi Terauchi with his first band, Bunnys.

20 août 2006

I wish I had answered

Vanguard Two-Fers

"Launched in the late 60s, originally, this was a budget-priced ($5.98) series of double disk "best-of" recordings in gatefold sleeves, instantly enlarged to include several originals and spoken word recordings from their backlist. The design was Vanguard's rote Colonel Parker marketing ("Give 'em a picture of the boy and his name") file-shot/name formula which nonetheless gave Vanguard a distinct look. There was generally no text inside, the center fold being a collection of small photos or a large one - generally blurry". (from Greg Pennell of Farina Files1)

I wish I had answered by the Staple Singers is a great song full of soul that you can find in the magnific compilation Great folksingers of the sixties
My personnal one is a french vinyl edition, with an orange sleeve, but it's the same inside. It's worth the buying.

Enjoy this track right now : I wish I had answered

17 août 2006

Rare and unknown R'n'blues original !

The original blues sound of Charles Brown & Amos Milburn is an lp which was lent to me by (again) my friend Claude, and it's a killer for those who love this kind of music.
We're here in pure presence of black Rhythm'n'blues, like what you can expect from great artists like Charles Brown and Amos Milburn back in the 50's. But the case is that I haven't the album no longer in hands (and was it documented ? I can't remember), but I found no informations at all concerning the thing on the net.

The strange fact is that there is a lot of organ, and an orchestra. It's written : "with Jackie Shane, Bob Marshall and the Crystals", so I presume it's a just a tribute to Misters Brown and Milburn...? But anyway, it's a great album, and I'd like to share it with amateurs.
ps : The jpg of the cover is very poor, sorry, caus I made a bad scan at the time, but as soon as I put again my hands on the copy, I do the job again, better this time.

* If you know more about this strange album, don't hesitate to leave a comment, please.

Here we go with what I consider as the best selections :

Educated fool

Ain't no big thing

A big bite of the blues

The original blues sound of Charles Brown & Amos Milburn

Trouble blues 2:35
Please sing my blues 3:07
I want to go home 2:34
Educated fool 2:18
Slave for your baby 2:13
Chickadee 2:13
Shout with me 2:16
Ain't no big thing 2:24
A big bite of the blues 2:56

download the album
(pw : wtai)

16 août 2006

The Kliek are well respected men !

As promised, here is a unissued compilation, and a gift, from a fan for all the lovers of this great dutch band.
Here we can listen to the talent and the evolution of a so cool band formerly inspired by some 60's icons like the Byrds, the Outsiders and... the Monkees which came to the rupture when too much dissension (as usal !?).
Then Marcel krupp quit to form the Trebble Spankers, a surf guitar drenched combo, and Robert Mûtter called again his ancient pal Stefan Steutel, to make his new wild and great trio "Kek'66".
But no more balabla, come and listen to BEHIND BARS, the second lp of the KLIEK, a super effort full of great ballads, of garage folk mid tempo, which with "Feel good", the third and last studio album represents the summum of their sound and carreer. (with the first "Zitj let me staan" ep in my opinion, but all are superb anyway).

Behind Bars lp (Grabo 002-L) 1990

Going too far
I'm gonna get that girl
Quiet side of the bay
I wonder
None of your business
Now I have
I nevertold ou
Today I'm gay
You're the only world I know
I'm never coming back
Leave my house

As a gift never came alone, you'll fine in bonus a rare (and non authorised, but Robert, if you see, hey!, it's for posterity !) compilation of all the singles and comps extracts the Kliek have made. (taken from my own personnal collection).

At this point, just one precision about the discography. There never been a "Across the milky way" single in 1989, as noted in some fanzines (french almost at that time). It was a live k7 recorded at the Milky way club an edited by the band's label).
For the complete disco with pictures of covers, see : veltink.org
and for a real good damn bio, go to : Kliek bio

Now, let's go, and thanks to you, the Kliek for all you did.

Singles, rare tracks :

- Valleri ep (Kep011) 12/88
- Glitter and gold (Scap001 in Ex Nexus n°9 fanzine given split ep)

- Sandra/House of stone (Twang 130662- 1992)

- Me right now/Nothing's changed (Twist6 ep 1992)

- It's my pride/More and more amore/I'll find a way/No one here to play with (Outer limits 62-702 ep) 1994
- House in he country (in "Animal, tribute to The Kinks" Animals Records)
- Love song n°2 (in "Misfits, tribute to the Outsiders", Scalp)
- Girl in black (in Larsen fanzine n°7, 1993)
- Look out, here comes tomorrow (in "Black beauties, a fab comp, Fab Rec.)

All ripped from glorious vinyls.
file : http://rapidshare.de/files/29953666/0015kl06

15 août 2006

Why wait until tomorrow for..The Gorillas ?

Jesse Hector message to the world :
"The stars in the sky are the good human beings of the past- the ones who came here and tried to do their best to do good and help others. Some stars are given a little extra in their image and style to help the young one with a very powerful thing that's called Rock'n'roll. These extraordinary people that have this something can be called back to heaven by God at any time and at moments notice.
It seems to me that God needs Good Stars out there to help the people down there. You who read this have a God over you - your own God - so you must do what you think is right on the earth. Always help people who are hurt, or lying on the floor., help them back on their feet.

God Bless everybody".
How will I ever forget : Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Brian Jones, Marc Bolan, Jimi Hendrix
Jesse Hector, 8th February 1978

Jesse Hector very well personified what the power of a rock trio may signify. (look today at the Embrooks for example).
Associated for a time in the 60's with the cult uk mod band the Clique, he soon after formed the Hammersmith Gorillas trio, who, right in the middle of a rock transition at the beginning of the 70's, and before the start of the british punk movement, gave the original rock'n'roll a second life, with a special mod touch. But the modernism of Jesse Hector went through a very basic rock, marked by the heavy sound of the 70's.
Tremulous voice, big guitar, solo "à la Hendrix"...
One of the greatest "loser" (underrated king) of Rock'n'roll.

Some good links to know (much) more about Jesse Hector and his different bands :
Mohairsweets , fan site with anecdotes, discography with sleeves, and a lot of pics
Damagedgoods Records, with a great story

Note that Rpm had also edited a superb compilation with many singles. So it's worth complete with this one too.

Message to the World
(Damaged Goods, 1998)
re-issue of the legendary debut album of the Gorillas from 1978, with 3 bonus tracks "I'm Seventeen" "My Son's Alive" and "It's My Life".
8 pages booklet, complete with pics

* and in extra bonus for you, I added 4 singles :

- Gorillas : she's my gal/why wait until tomorrow ? (Chiswick 1974)
- Jesse Hector & the sound : Leavin' town/I need lovin' (Clawfish 1992)
- Jesse Hector & the Sound : Running wild (Hartbeat fanzine 1994 freebee ep)
- Jesse Hector & the Gatecrasher : In my soul (split 7" Zombie dance Rec. 1996)

File : http://rapidshare.de/files/29529643/0013gor06.rar.html

11 août 2006

Poem for Malcolm : Archie Shepp

"Archie Shepp is not only a musician. For a long time, he hesitated between being a playwriter or being a jazzman. As a revolutionnary author, he wrote many plays and poems where he expressed his ideas. To-day, it's a new homage to the black murdered leader he give you, this on a simple rhythmic background. About his music. Archie said: "the music called "New Thing:' is not really a new thing. The new jazz it's the old jazz. There is nothing really new happennig except a message that couldn't be delivered before. This is the only way we can say there is anything new. And this message, it is the truth. It says the pain of a big lot of people. It speaks of emancipation, of destruction of ghettos, of fascism. I am a black jazzman, a black father, a black American, an antifascist; I am indignant by the war, by Vietnam, by the exploitation of my brothers, and my music is all about that. This is the New Thing... The Europeans made war twice... It was a part of the thruth. Any question about moral, political or social engagements in an important thing for these men. This is why to-day a whiste European artist has a point of view. For a long time, a point of view that was not theirs was .imposed to the black Americans... As a strange matter of fact. I am one of the few Black who can live decently. I was lucky, but behind me, in my back, there is a crowd of people who suffer: some are fighting in the streets of Harlem, some are the future saxophonists of the New Thing."
Philippe Carles (Jazz Magazine)

This one is a superb and not so easy to find album of free jazz that is worth to listen to. It has been lent to me by a good friend of mine (thanks Claude), and I wanted to share it. This double allbum contains all that I call great jazz, (an free jazz for this occasion) : good melodic and wild saxophone parts, excellent female vocals, long prayers, an engaged political sermon, and a complete side of excentric saxophone to end (The Rollins comp).
For info, this lp is available today on some sites but scinded in two cds, so, with the cool notes and the nice original picture of this french edition, you win the total.

Enjoy !

Side 1 : My angel (Archie Shepp) 10'00 Blase (Archie Shepp) 10'1 5 Side 2: There is a balm in gilead (Archie Shepp) 6'00 Sophisticated lady (Ellington - Mills) 9'15 Touareg (Archie Shepp) 9'15

Personnel: My angel et Blase: Archie Shepp (tenor sax), Jeanne Lee (vocal), Chicago Beau and Julio Finn (mouth organ), Dave Burrell (piano), Malachi Favors (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums). There is a balm in gilead: Archie Shepp (tenor sax), Jeanne Lee (vocal), Lester Bowie (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Dave Burrell (piano), Malachi Favors (bass). Sophisticated lady: Archie Shepp (tenor sax), Jeanne Lee (vocal), Dave Burrell (piano), Malachi Favors (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums). Touareg : Archie Shepp (tenor sax), Malachi Favors (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums). Recorded in Paris, France; August 16, 1969. Produced by Jean Georgakarakos and Jean-Luc Young. Executive Producer: Jacques Bisceglia. All tunes arranged by Archie Shepp. All tunes (except" Sophisticated Lady")


Side 1 : Mamarose/Poem for' Malcolm (Archie Shepp) 13'30 Side 2: Rain Forest/Oleo (Archie SheppSonny Rollins) 19'50

Personnel: Side 1 : Archie Shepp (soprano sax, vocal), Burton Greene (piano), Alan Silva (bass), Micheline Pelzer and Claude Delcloo (drums), Philly Joe Jones (tympani). Side 2 : Grachan Moncur III (trombone), Archie Shepp (piano, tenor sax), Hank Mobley (tenor sax). Vince Benedetti (piano), Malachi Favors (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums). Recorded in Paris, France; August 14, 1969. Produced by Jean Georgakarakos and Jean-Luc Young. Executive Producer: Jacques Bisceglia. All tunes arranged by Archie Shepp. All tunes published by: BYG Music (Sacem)/Dawn of F-reePom Pub,'Ltd. Photos: Nadja Pictures/Jacques Bisceglia.

files :
Blasé : http://rapidshare.de/files/29105999/0010ac106.rar.html
Poem for Malcolm : http://rapidshare.de/files/29112451/0011ac06.rar.html

9 août 2006

The Blues Project live at the café au go go

Verve/Folkways and Howard Salomon, entrepreneur of the Cafe Au Go Go in New York's Greenwich Village, presented a four-day concert series called the "Blues Bag." The evenings of November 24 through the 27 at the Cafe Au Go Go proved to be recorded by Verve/Folkways as a single in the very near future. The band has excellent vocalists in Steve, Danny and AI. This, plus their abilities to double on such instruments as the piano, organ, harmonica, vibes, flute and sitar, gives the Blues Project enormous potential. The best way to end these liner notes is to quote Robert Shelton, The New York Times critic: "Nearly a score in number paraded 10 the Cafe Au Go Go for four nights in what was the most unusual and perhaps most rewarding program of the weekend. This Iive recording session for Verve/Folkways Records was a study in the varied effects of the blues. "Of the electric bands at 'The Blues Bag', none impressed more than the Blues Project, possibly the most incandescent group in folk-rock today. (They are.) Sparked by the imaginative electric guitar of Danny Kalb, the volatile electric piano of Alan Kooper and vocal sky-rocketing of Tommy Flanders.'

(Liner Notes by Jerry Schoenbaum)

It's been a while I'd like to share this one. For my part it's one of my favorite blues/Rnb album of all time.
A superb Anthology cd went out some years ago with great photos, liner notes and bonus tracks, but the compilator have chosen only few tacks of this live appearance. There are much of different versions, and some are good on both sides, but sometimes better and craziest in the live one.
It is completed with all the singles and rare tracks.
So you could enjoy this rarest gem now.
With an extra for you :
the I can't keep from crying sometimes track from the "What's shakin'" original lp compilation, available in this cd compilation "Anthology" that you must buy.

PERSONNEL DANNY KALB-Lead Guitar; AL KOOPER-Organ; STEVE KATZ-Rhythm Guitar; ROY BlUMENFElD-Drums; ANDY KUlBERG-Bass; TOMMY FLANDERS-Vocalist. Produced by: Jerry Schoenbaum; Director of Engineering: Val Valentin; Cover Photo: Charles Stewart.

Tracklisting :

1 Goin' down Lousiana
2 You go, I'll go with you
3 Catch the wind
4 I want to be your driver
5 Alberta
6 The way my baby talks
7 Violets of dawn
8 Back door man
9 Jelly jelly blues
10 Spoonful
11 Who do you love

File :
pw (if there's one) of course wtai

8 août 2006

Love with Arthur Lee

So sad.
Arthur Lee as gone and he is watching us now from the orange sky.
As I haven't got enought time and energy to put an entire classic lp on the blog, I propose this strange pretty song, taken from the last (and not very good to say the least) album of the artist. Note the Seeds gimmick.

Somebody's watching you
(Arthur Lee and Love, New Rose 1992)