18 déc. 2006

When skeletons play bongos...

Well, it' surely Tempo tantrum !

I remember this year 1989, when I came to Mulhouse, France, not far from the Germany frontier. My friend who lived there bring me to a cool vinyl shop where I found this superb piece of rock'nroll.
At that time I just known the name A Bones by another friend of mine who was fond of Cramps, (Miriam Linna was the second Cramps drummer), Gun Club, etc... (you know, this strange kind of stuff; devil rock for deranged kids !?)
Hmmm,, well, so do I buy this, certain to keep back home a -bizarrerie.
In the meanwhile, I did my rock'nroll way, and been introduced to Norton label, and so Miriam Linna, etc, etc...

Today, it's with real emotion,and great pleasure that I keep off this piece of pure rockab/rock'nroll from my cellar, just for ...you.


Tempo Tantrum 10"EP (Exile, 1986, EX 10 EP 03)
-Gonna Be Loved
-Froggy Went A-Courtin'
-Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo
-Lordy Hoody

Line up :
Billy Miller: lead vocals
Lars Espensen: sax, backing vocals
Bruce Bennett: guitar, backing vocals
Mike Lewis: bass
Miriam Linna: drums, lead and backing vocals

More infos on Linna on Wikipedia.

the file : (pw is wtai) http://rapidshare.com/files/8011242/0027abo06.rar.html

It's Venus time !

Thanks to John T Chance who send me this great and brand new pop album, of a new band called VENUS PARADISE. In fact the new project of Laurent Bauer from Bogeymen fame.
We have already had a clue of his new direction on "Perfect colors", the last Mellow album, but now that's for sure.
Good Electro-pop for Christmas. Listen to "Goodbye" or "Koukie", there are future classic gems.

Go to their myspace for some mp3.

4 déc. 2006

Now you know... the reason of my name :

The awaited posting of the second album (CD version) of the french kings of R'n'blues. Just for your pleasure.
(Thanks to Stéphane of Dig for the original production of these killers at that time : 1992 and 1994).

Action Time/Roaming Child/You've Got No Scruples/Reservations/We'll Feel Alright/I Feel Well/I'll Never Be Someone Like You/Hate & Love/She Drives Me Crazy/I Don't Wanna Lose My Baby/I Want It No Shame/Ain't No Shame

See again thee cave for the different picture of the second pressing, on vinyl, and more infos. (Sorry, this site on geocities is now deleted : 17/04/2010); so here is the cool Lp picture :

> and don't forget some cool 1993 live b/w pics on le blog d'hector

The file :

Better late than never... (The Bogeymen, part 3)

The Bogeymen !, again.
By popular request (and François, don't miss it this time!) :
re-post of the Bogeymen's first album. (see archive of July for complete infos).

of course, pw is wtai, as usual.

Groovy time with...

The Out Four !

At last, the first (and last) ep by my late band.
This one should have been edited by Groovy Eyes at that time, (1995) and that never was.
So we did on a limited basis of 100 copies given free with our lp, in 1997.
4 songs from the first and last ep of this french Rnb/Garage band.

As it is pretty rare, I give today the opportunity to listen to :

You can look

What he'd say

Bad boy

Groovy time

Enjoy !

I've got no scrupules... (Bogeymen part 2)

to share Bogeymen on Action time !
© photo : F. Guigue

Previously I had posted the first album by this legendary french rnb/beat band,and by request I will repost it soon, but today, prepare yourselves to an incredible invasion:
the rare collection of their singles, eps and compilation tracks.
(to see the complete disco with pics, go to theecave)

Let's go :

You Are On My Mind/Candy
, F.F.Fascination Records, FFF 004, 1992

As Live As You Want Them EP, (Guess Who) Records, Guess EP 001, 1993
(Inside insert contains a card represented here with a different photo than the poor original cover, and noted : "France's newest hitmakers")

Action Time/I'm Sure You'll Get Everything You Want/Don't Try To Put Me Down/Tell Me What To Do/When I Get To You

You’ve Got No Scruples EP, Detour Records, 1993

You've Got No Scruples/Let Me Give You My Love/Gimme A Little Sign

Break Away, “ Penguins And Bondage” LP, That’s Entertainment, THEN 018, 1992 (recording demo from 1990). This appeared there caus the bassist for this session was norwegian. One of the first official recording known of the band!?

Just A Dream
, “Larsen #7” CD, Larsen magazine, 1992

I Want Her By My Side, Snap!! Records, The Sound Of Snap 7” EP, FUN 7001, 1994

Now, get the file :

1 déc. 2006

By request : Four wolly giants !

The WYLDE MAMMOTHS rare eps !

At last, the first ep by this greaaat 80's swedish band.
Twilightzone offered you the second ep on Crypt in November, so here is the rest of the rare disco on extended plays.

To begin, the ultra rare first one on Mystery scene, 1986. Greatsongs, with the hyper recognizible voice of Peter Maniette. So cool. European beat at his best.
All The Birds Are Gone/I’ve Been Hurt (And She Don’t Care)/I Got You/You Gonna Need Me When I’m Gone
Thank you Marco for this one, and for having made me discover the greatness of this band some 20 years ago.

To continue, the flexi given free with issue 3 of the Splendid dutch fanzine in 1988. Two songs. One "I can't go without you" as good as on the previous ep, the other "Deep down in misery" as recorded live, with a poorer sound.

Third, the free ep given with issue 7 of Misty Lane fanzine in 1994. Four great unreleased tracks :
You Gotta Go/Drivin’/Bloodhound/I Can’t Change.
A treasure for all the sad fans. Listen to the melancholic byrd's guitar on "You gotta go", or the ballad "I Can’t Change"... it's making cry.

Listen I can't change

For the complete discography, I just can advise you to go to the cave, to see all the picture covers.

Beat girls and boys from all over the world, ENJOY !!

The file : http://rapidshare.com/files/5651871/00022wyld06.rar.html