11 juil. 2006

Hans Ingemansson is a great organist...

...und ibt gern spaghettis !

This is at last the famous lp live of the Creeps, fabulous 80's sweden garage band, in their wildest period.
This lp came out sometimes in the early 90's... somewhere in Europe, in a certain label well know of the mailorder addicts, by a guy who did also some singles (Linkers ?, Needs ?, Kwyet Kings, Squares ?...etc...) Have a clue ?

Here are some classics of the first lp, and some classic covers, obvioulsy. (Standells, Electric Prunes, Sonics...).
It has been recorded live "at a certain radio show somewhere in Sweden in 1985, except the last ones, live at Waxjo 11/23/85" (from the notes).
The last tracks have a sound of less quality, but it gone like that., so enjoy the privilege !

Line up :
Robert Jelinek, lead vocals, guitar, Harmonica
Anders Johansson, bass guitar, backing canelonis
Hans Ingemansson, farfisa organ,backing spaghettis
Patrik Olsson, drums, tambourine, marracas

Track listing :
Side 1 :
Have love will travel
Down at the nightclub
Dirty water
Ain't it hard
Come back, baby
You're gonna need my lovin'

Side 2 :
City of people
High time baby
Just what I need
Down at the nightclub
have love will travel

Have a real cool time !

pw of course, is wtai !

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RYP a dit…

coool, it works! Congratulations! herr k. of "Totally Fuzzy" is a great adress... and I'll make a link pointing at yours.
I'm downloading the Creeps and will kick it into the face of my i-pod.. tonight!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yep ! happy to please youuuu.
I'm sad but the jpeg of the cover has some problem of dowloading, (I had to cut in two) so we can expect it sooner or later ...or never !. (Or in the Hector blog, why not ?)
Bye !

RYP a dit…

link to your blog and the creeps is done! now I'm going to give a sign to herr k of "totally fuzzy". this will force the traffic on your blog!

Hectorvadair a dit…

No problem Ryp ! We please each other, that's fine with me.

Anonyme a dit…

DaR Ren RoSS!
When will the bugger be back from the grave?
Weed was a great label!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes ! It was ! But Darren ate too much spaghetis too.
So he disapeared somewhere sometimes with some money of some friends in his pocket.
So I guess he is better in his grave. Isn't he ?

lanini66 a dit…

Hi there, I was looking for that show, but the link is dead... Any chance to reload? Thank you/Luca

Hectorvadair a dit…

Hey Lanini66. I see what I can do this weekend. Cheers.

Hectorvadair a dit…

Hey everybody ! A la demande de Patrick L., here is again the files of theis great lp. Act fast, it will not last long :