7 juil. 2006

The Out Four, where the action was !!

Hey ! welcome to Action-time ! a new blog dedicated to good rare music, on vinyl and more.To begin : and at least, the archives of this rnb/garage french band.
First, their 1st ep :

Ep "For real excitement": (1995, Cinelux/Where The Action Is) Fr limited ed. 500 copies. (OF0001)

Track listing : Drive me faster/Where The Action Is/I'm Not Sure

line up :
Follow the link to the official's band web page. You will also find there some other international links with photos.

please, enjoy !
pw is : wtai

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RYP a dit…

hope the frenchies are winning the cup!
...whoaaa 1:0, ok it works!!!

the link doesn't work. I tell you later after the final or tomorrow via e-mail

cheers, good luck for the french team!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Ok, that must better rules now.
...Hope the “White“ will win tonight. 1/1 !! great danger !!!
Thanks pal.

RYP a dit…

hey hector,
I hope that for the french people Mr. Zidane is not the exclusive loser and the trash will not hit him... I feel very sorry for him even if the foul were ugly!

yeah and the link works well! but the cover has gone...

so welcome to music blogger country, a link to "action-time" is fixed at the sidebar of the twilightzone!


Hectorvadair a dit…

Thank you Ryp for these kind words.
...Hey, perhaps not the world cup for the french team, but what a great match ! and for the hiting, the italians should have known Zidane. Don't tell him bad words !!
ps : The cover is back. Thanks Loooord !

123 a dit…

Hello Hector,

I visit your blog according to the advice of RYP.
A french garage band for your first post, that's an idea !
This EP is a good one. Thanks :)

(In fact, as a french guy, I'm a bit ashamed to have never heard nothing from this band before !)

Long life to your blog !

PS : Maybe you should allow anonymous comments on your blog.

Hectorvadair a dit…

Ok, I did so.
Thanks for the comments.
and have a look on the complete disco of the band in the links.

Hectorvadair a dit…

I puted some other songs of the Out Four on this link :