17 juil. 2006

I want love and affection (not the house of correction) : Nathaniel Mayer

"Nathaniel Mayer represents Detroits Raw street Doowoop vocal harmonies (leading his group the fabulous Twistlights) and as well he gives one a superb taste of early 1960's Detroit Soul that led to the sound known as the Motor-town sound shortened by Berry Gordy to be know as "Motown", the label and sound which changed the music industry in the early 60's.
This CD features Nathaniel entire recorded works, twenty classic raw Deroit R&B/Soul treasures." (from the notes)

As I was first introduced to Nathaniel Mayer by Benny of french Larsen fanzine/label, I give you right now the link to his cool site where you could find an entire page (but in french) dedicated to this great forgotten man. (plus others, and many records to discover)

You must also buy to Benny this special issue of Larsen called Guide B Soul (in fact he edited 2 volumes) where many wild, rare and underrated soulmen are exhumed.

Listen to "From now on " (Fortune 1966, face B de "Village of love"):

The CD : Village of love
Gold Dust Records (Italia, 1996)
Tracklisting :

and the link to this incredible record :
pw, as usal : wtai

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Good music indeed!

The guy is still wild after all those years: in 2004 he released "I Just Want to Be Held" on Fat Possum.

Hectorvadair a dit…

Yes, you're right man !! and this new album is worth listening too ! buy it everybody !!

Anonyme a dit…

Please can you re up this one !!!!
come on !!!!..just one more time brother!!!


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