31 août 2006

Out in the rain... the What For !

(...and it works !!)
There is so much time passed since my last note, so it's time for... action now !
After the Kliek, and to return on dutch beat, like I had promess sometime, here is a fabulous beat band form Berlin that you can't live without.

"The kings of beatmusic in the eighties in Germany. Unrivaled and already a legend this band had it all. They were like the Pretty Things, the Kinks, The Who, The Downliner's Sect packed together in one !
"Bad night" is from their legendary first ep (...)"
(from the notes of Mike Korbik, owner of Twang Records, on his double cd comp "Tomorrow's pebbles today !" published in 1995)
* Heard about Mike on his page on : Myspace

I'd like to add the Outsiders (holland) in the list of influences this great band had.
This is one of the best records of my beat collection of the eighties, and you can file this alongside the records of other classics like the Creeps, the Wylde Mammooths, the Beatpack (soon on action Time), the Tell Tale Hearts,... to name but a few. Thanks to Twang Records for his very good taste, and his work in the eighties.

The What For were :
Urs Zelle : vocals; Pete Johannsen : drums; Martin : guitar; Boris Borowski : organ; Klotte/Thomas Starke : harmonica; Stephan Schulz : Bass guitar

Tracklisting of the album:

The What...for ! (Twang Records 1989)

01 Mach' mich an
02 Meany geany
03 You hurt me
04 He doesn't work
05 You drive me crazy
06 She's gone
07 I want it all
08 Of hopes and dreams
09 Comin' home.
10 By your side
11 Clarabella
12 Heartbeat
13 Her
14 The cost of living

In bonus, I add the Out in the rain ep (Twang 1991) :

15 Out in the rain
16 Rotkarierte petersilie
17 How I feel
18 Say alright

and 19 "Bad night", one track from their first (and sought after) ep that you can listen right now to cry alone in your bedroom :

(thanks to J-Marc Varlet from Varluche Records for having sent me the picture of the cover.)

the file : http://rapidshare.de/files/31477051/00016wf06.rar.html
pw,of course : wtai
Enjoy everybody !!

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Hectorvadair a dit…

You kow what ?? it's incredible. As I was searching today on the What For on the web, I found this : The What For are playing the 16 of September in Berlin for a mod festival (with the Thanes !!!)
Incredible !! it's on :

Yolanda a dit…

I have this single and it's very good!!

Hectorvadair a dit…

An the first one ?

Yolanda a dit…

just out in the rain 7" :)

Hectorvadair a dit…

Too bad. Is anyone got this rare ep to share ? ("Pride of town" Mis Take rec. 1988)

Anonyme a dit…

Great band ! Thanks

andi aspossible a dit…

hi hector,
you ´ve a lot of fantastic bands here. it´s all my youth.
where are from?
if you are interested in a contact send me a mail.
best wishes sends andi

Hectorvadair a dit…

Hey, your blogs are no blogs. So let me be a little supsicious.

captaincorto a dit…

Thanx for reviewing us and our products and the appreciation you show.
The gig in september was a very fine experience as we played with the Thanes during the 8Ts several times and established a regular contact since then. It was a very steaming an packed venue with nothing to ask for left - great gig!

Hectorvadair a dit…

Thanks a lot for your comment Corto.
I would have loved to been there to meet you. But perhaps the What for will tour some in France someday?
Plus, would it be too much to ask you for sharing the other song of your splendid first single on action-time for your fans ?
And should we hope for other recordings in the future ?
Thanks for your answer.

Hectorvadair a dit…

I forgot to say that Urs Elssel, singer of the What For has sent me today a mail with a link to his allnew weblog, so you can go to read more about the band sttory:

I've read about the What...for! in this blog and immediately started another one.

cheers YoUrs"

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Hec,
I'm trying to put some mp3 of the EP's songs together. A Tour de France, oû, je veut dire une tour en trance, c'est impossible. Unfortunately we are all busy with our jobs and families and don't meet to often to practise, in fact twice a year. So a real tour is out of sight at the moment.
But we'll see what future brings.
Maybe I visit the Provence around the St. Remis vicinity next spring.
B seeing U

Anonyme a dit…
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captaincorto a dit…

Hi everybody!
Next public practise on February, 10th 2007 at the Schokoladen venue in Berlin-Mitte, Ackerstr. for the Ready Steady Go! concerts.
B there or B square!

Anonyme a dit…

What a fantastic post this was! Any chance you will be re-uploading these 19 songs?

Anonyme a dit…

The What...For! released a new EP in February 2007.

What the hell? You never thought it would happen, but here you'll get 4 (!!!) unreleased tracks by this legendary Berlin based Mod band, all recorded in 1987 & '91!!! I always remember their ace shows & their way out platters! And thanks to the great folks of Copasetic here you'll get a stunning 7" including 4 coverversions by THE HIGH NUMBERS; EASYBEATS; PRIMITIVES & THE DOWNLINERS SECT!! This is garagebeat performed by teenager mods dressed up sharp with their parkas on! What are you thinking about? Push the order button! Thanks!"






Johnny Lebrel a dit…

I can help you if you like to listen the first EP. It´s not as good as the second but is listenable.

One of the best German bands, only near was the HEARTBEATS: