21 juil. 2006

Surf and tiels : Out Four contre Pickpockets !

And now ladies and gentlemen that you have been introduced to the Out Four and the ggrrrrrrreat Pickpockets,
let me please tell you about the famous split ep project of the center of France versus the south :
"Surf and Tiels*" , or more common : "Out Four contre Pickpockets" !!

This ep was made in 1997 just before the break of the two bands. The idea was to record some surf and garage tracks of each friends and to launch it on the market. But the technical productor (Lord Diabolik) forgot to tell about the fact the ep should only be edited at 100 copies ! (and numeroted !)
So once the thing done, what we have ? a record that went away in few days (weeks). Too sad.

But that's history, because today, bam ba baaaammmmm :
Here it is, in great lo-fi, like you all love, ain't you ?

Out Four contre Pickpockets split ep
(Herecin 001) 1998

Face A
1 No Special time (Listen)

2 I'm gone to realize (listen)

3 Surf out n°1 (Listen)

(Face B)
1 La touche
2 Tijuana surf
3 Je sais

ps : as I already gave you the three songs of the Pickockets in a previous post (see "the demo"), I just post the A side, ok ?

file : http://rapidshare.de/files/26552056/0008ofp06.rar.html
pw : wtai

(*the tiels are little cakes with sea fruits inside much appreciated in the district of Sète, near Montpellier)

20 juil. 2006

Bambi Molesters play out of tune !

As wrote in the comments with my friend Ryp of Twilight Zone, here is the (first ?) album by the Bambi Molesters, this fine surf garage band from Croatia.
I must tell you now that this band was first introduced to me by a cool guy named Zdenko Franjic. We trade together a lot of things some years ago and he made me discover a great part of the yugoslav, Croatian, Cszekoslovak scene from the 60's to the 90's.
Thanks to him.

Well, enough things have been said about the Bambi Molester, you could find some cool words in the Twilight zone blog, so I'll give you just the official infos on this CD :

Line up :
Ladda Furla, bass
Hrvoje Zaborac, drums
Dinko Tomljanovic, Hagstrom guitar
Dalibor Pavicic, guit., vocals

Play out of tune / Slusaj Najglasnije ! Zagreb, 1995

1 Wanganui 2 She's so soft inside 3 1000 songs 4 Idle moments 5 Her delta's blues 6 Good times (Nobody's Children) 7 Catatonya 8 Little beacch bunny (Usher/Christian) 8 Cradle snatcher 10 I can't believe it (Pere Ubu) 11 Charlie Brown Manson

ps : Zdenko also gave me at that time a compilation with many bands called "Bombardiranje New Yorka" (included : Satan Panonski, Messerschmitt, The Spoons, Losi Decki, Bamby Molesters, Zadruga...etc).
The titles of the BM here are "Blackballed" and "Invasion of the reverb snatchers". I put the first one on mp3.
(see the cover on Le blogd-hector)

Enjoy all !

19 juil. 2006

Katalunya !! the french surf of "Les Pickpockets"

...When we talk about surf music, and 90's surf music in particularly, some people forget to talk about a band which had represented a lot for some afficionados of the style in the mediterranean frontier at the beginning of the 90's.

I want to talk about the Pickpockets, this great band formed on the ashes of the Hawaï Men (two eps on Cinelux label), whose leader Franck Zwiller disbanded after two eps and an avorted album project. (no talking about an officious musical participation on the french promo of the great Tarantino's Pulp Fiction movie with their french adaptation of The Urge Overkil classic.) (!!)

A dozen of gigs, some tracks published on different comps (one on Animal Records), some papers (a great one with photo on “Le Club des années soixante") and the story was done.
Franck's gone ahead in a more anonymous and hilarous way (always deeper) in endorsing the Rat fink attitude (and cap) with his Lord Diabolik second identity.

Here again, he put a superb k7 demo that only few fans have kept an ear on, and after some shows (opening for a memorabilia special Ed Wood's night, with go go dancers and horror films in background), the only shape remaining was a very strange and very collector ep I have already talked about in my other blog. ("Le Vampire de Bryghton Pear", limited edition of 100 vinyl ep only, with poster).

Nota bene : The purpose of the Pickpocket's demo I propose here was originally to became a real album... but it never was. So it's not a polished product, nor a finished album, it's just a real kicking ass demo !! and it should have been too sad to let it take water on my cellar, so here it is, right from the cave.

Well, once said that, all I can say, is... was it a dream, was it the reality ?
All you have to do is to judge by yourself, right now with this premier track, and soon after in dowloading the entire thing. (17 tracks).

Les Pickpockets : Diabolikement vôtre (from demo)

**Enjoy a great band, a band which added humour with french hilarant words, in the tradition of Nino Ferrer and great dialogists like Michel Audiart (Franck was/is a fan), and the best of the surf/garage production.

Les Pickpockets demo (1994) :

1 Intro
2 Instru 1
3 Diabolikement vôtre
4 Instru 2
5 Ne nous fâchons pas
6 Katalunya
7 Instru 3
8 Ghostrider in the sky
9 ?
10 ?
11 Les Tontons flingueurs
12 Je veux ma photo en première page
13 Et si un jour tu dois partir...
14 Je sais
15 La Touche (Splinter/Tax)
16 Reste toi-même, seule (Urge Overkill)
17 Je cherche (Les Lutins)

File :
pw wtai

17 juil. 2006

I want love and affection (not the house of correction) : Nathaniel Mayer

"Nathaniel Mayer represents Detroits Raw street Doowoop vocal harmonies (leading his group the fabulous Twistlights) and as well he gives one a superb taste of early 1960's Detroit Soul that led to the sound known as the Motor-town sound shortened by Berry Gordy to be know as "Motown", the label and sound which changed the music industry in the early 60's.
This CD features Nathaniel entire recorded works, twenty classic raw Deroit R&B/Soul treasures." (from the notes)

As I was first introduced to Nathaniel Mayer by Benny of french Larsen fanzine/label, I give you right now the link to his cool site where you could find an entire page (but in french) dedicated to this great forgotten man. (plus others, and many records to discover)

You must also buy to Benny this special issue of Larsen called Guide B Soul (in fact he edited 2 volumes) where many wild, rare and underrated soulmen are exhumed.

Listen to "From now on " (Fortune 1966, face B de "Village of love"):

The CD : Village of love
Gold Dust Records (Italia, 1996)
Tracklisting :

and the link to this incredible record :
pw, as usal : wtai

16 juil. 2006

Alternative TV and Illegal greatest hits.

I just came to create a podcast on my other precedent blog, so enjoy also here this punk A side !

- Action time vision, by Alternative TV
( DFC 07 single, 07/02/1978) and from the k7 above.

> And read a cool note about Aternative TV on Kave in's wiggle room blog

Otherwise, ...when I first wrote this note on the blog, I didn't gave the file for the album, pretexting that it was long to transfering the k7 on numeric file. That explains the comments.
But now it's done, so let's go !

No history, just a little anecdote : This great sampler of IRS was given to me by my late brother, Madgloo the great, when I was on the hospital, in 1982. (no no, nothing serious, thank you). Let me tell you it was the absolute alternative punk remedy ! Here it comes, in great uploading, right from the k7.
...Talking about this great comp, I ask if someone can upload some Alternative TV caus I just know this track ! ?

Illegal Greatest Hits (IRS, 1981)
Tracklisting : :

Fleshtones : Cold cold shoes
Oingo boingo : Only a lad
Skafish : Disgracing the family name
Patrick D Martin : Computer datin'
Squeeze : Backtrack
Police : Fallout
Wall of Voodo : Can't make love
Payolas : Jukebox
Chelsea : I'm on fire
The Cramps : Uranium rock
Alternative TV : Action time vision
Fashion : Sodium penthatol negative

file : http://rapidshare.de/files/28871961/0009igh06.rar.html
pw : wtai as usal

15 juil. 2006

Total destruction to your mind, mind, mind !...

"Easily on my Top Ten list of long-out-of-print records that deserve a CD reissue. The title track is a slam-bangin' chunk of rock and funk that's pushed by a great session band including guitarist Jesse Carr and drummer Johnny Sandlin, and is easily Dogg's finest moment on record. But the rest of this is great too, ranging from the consumer nightmare "Synthetic World" to the paternity blues of "Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe." Plus, Dogg is a great singer, and his dizzying range gets a workout on these songs. Good luck finding a copy." (AMG, by John Dougan)

That's because I love this album that I put it today on action-time. This uploading is made from my own ancient french edition vinyl copy, (Disques Vogue), that implies some desagreements for all of you that are Hifi addicteds.
But You"ll understand that at this point, that's not the principal. Caus all the music is here, and it's soooo great !

Listen to Redneck

ps : Thank you brother MadGloo for this one, I can't remember where you find it, but this was the big deal !

Tracklisting :
1. Total Destruction To Your Mind
2. Synthetic World
3. Dust Your Head Color Red
4. Redneck
5. If I Die Tomorrow (I've Lived Tonight)
6. I Was Born Blue
7. Sal-A-Faster
8. The World Beyond
9. These Are Not My People
10. Everything You'll Ever Need
11. The Baby Is Mine
12. Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe

Oh, yes, some links : one for the super bio and disco of Swamp Dogg on :
(no covers, but you surely can find it elsewhere)

the second for a fun site listing all the worst album covers ever, (and two of Swamp Dogg) :

and to finish, for the french readers, Hector wrote a cool paper in the zine “Here“, in the 90's which was a special Swamp Dogg. So if you're interested, I can perhaps propose a PDF file of this one.

Oh, yes, the file :
pw, of course is wtai

14 juil. 2006

Not lost for everybody .. the Kinks !

The Kinks are alive, and well. That's what Hector tells here, talking about the "Great lost Kinks album" from 1973, a fine collection of ballads for much part, worth to listen.

"An aptly titled collection; out of print for many years, there are even some Kinks cultists who have never been able to hear this ragtag but worthy collection of late-'60s and early-'70s outtakes and rarities. Most of these were recorded around the same time as the 1968 LP Village Green Preservation Society; these low-key, wry, bouncy tunes would have fit in well with that record. Lyrically, they're on the whole slighter than much of their late-'60s work, perhaps accounting for why the group did not deign to release them at the time. Still, songs like "Rosemary Rose," "Misty Water," and "Mr. Songbird" would have hardly embarrassed the group, and rank as the highlights of this anthology. Besides 1969-era outtakes, it includes the single "Plastic Man," a couple of okay, way-obscure B-sides featuring Dave Davies, and some songs penned for long-forgotten film and television productions. It also has the dynamite 1966 B-side "I'm Not Like Everybody Else," though that's easily available on reissue these days. That's not the case for most of the rest of this album; Kinks fans will find it quite worthwhile, and should be on the lookout for it in the used bins." (Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide)

Dave Davies (Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards,Vocals), Ray Davies (Guitar,Vocals), Mick Avory (Drums), John Mendelsohn (Liner Notes)

Tracks :

Til Death Do Us Part (3:12)
There Is No Life Without Love (1:55)
Lavender Hill (2:53)
Groovy Movies (2:30)
Rosemary Rose (1:43)
Misty Water (3:01)
Mister Songbird (2:24)
When I Turn off the Living Room Light (2:17)
The Way Love Used to Be (3:29)
Plastic Man (3:00)
This Man He Weeps Tonight (2:38)
Pictures in the Sand (2:45)
Where Did My Spring Go? (2:10)

get it at this adress
pw is as usual, wtai

My own Interstellar overdrive (to Syd !)

Well, it's just that this great man has gone, so I would like to dedicate this little podcast to all the fans. Just for fun, my own (cut) version of this classic :

“Interstellar overdrive“

(Recorded with some of my rock regular friends sometimes at the edge of the year 2000).
If you're french and have time to go (also) to the Blog d'Hector, you could listen a wild boogie by Memphis Slim. (plus some more mp3s, and cool chronicles. Think of it !!)

Some good old Soul on this list !!

Hi !

For those who don't know yet, I would like to point out the superb blog of Caesar Tjalbo (see the links right) which propose some of the best soul albums I was personnaly looking for on these lists.
So, go to his blog, and enjoy some great black music.

I'll try to put some black friandises of my own (jazz, soul, blues...) if I find some stuff not yet uploaded.

12 juil. 2006

Introducing (better late than never)...The BOGEYMEN !!

"The Bogeymen's style and personnality was brought up in the days of Pearly Spencer, the decade when negro pop was aired on pirate radios and rock'n'roll could be commercial yet controversial at the same time. Rickenbackers and Gretsch, Stones, flashy duds, the first WHO album, limonade and café express, toying with amplifiers, trying to sing like Little Richard, wrecking organs and buying new used ones, doing bottom-of-the bill gigs for big-wiggged lousy acts with synthetizers...!

Well, that's The BOGEYMEN reality, a rough time to be a band so dedicated to playing for fun and musical delight only ! (...)" (Dan Elektro, from his liner notes).

The Bogeymen originally emerged via an ep on FFascination in 1992, (FF004) at the same time their first CD came out. But it was this 1st album on Dig Records that achieved the thing. A good paper on the french fanzine Larsen, and the legend was launched.
Some gigs after, every fan of 60's stuff, Pop, rn'b or Garage was conquered. They were incredible !

Listen to You are on my mind
(FFfascination 1st single version, slightly different than the lp's one)

This 1st effort was followed by a bunch of singles and eps (Guess who, Snap records, Detour...) but the amateurs were a bit disappointed by the bad sound quality of this CD. Too much treble spoiled the pleasure.
Stephane of Dig Records soon produced the second coming which was a big hit again and installed the band as the main french act (with the Squares, and the Jekylls, and... in fact so much, I'l be back later) of this period.
The sound was this time ok and "à la demande générale", a limited vinyl edition saw the light on the same label.

Laurent Bauer, the songwriter and LEADER don't take so much time to leave the band, creating rapidly a new one : The Lost Minds, making a brief carreer in England, before wanishing in the psych-pop-electronica scene . (apparition on the Mellow's "Perfect colors“ album in 2004).
Since that, the Bogeymen albums solded out and began hard to find (at least the first).

So... enjoy this one, the true beginner, and one of the cultest French r'nblues album (of the 90's) !!
(singles and eps will follow if you ask for !)

"Introducing the Bogeymen"
Dig Records, (Fr) 1992

Laurent Bauer : lead voc., guit., organ, harp
Olivier Quinot : drums, back. voc.
Yves Le Diraison : bass, back. voc.

Track listing :

-I'm sure you'll get everything you want
-You are on my mind
-Don't be afraid of me
-She let me down
-When I get to you
-She's not mind
-I just need some loving
-Backward child
-I've got nobody
-Don't try to put me down

get it !
pw, is of course : wtai

11 juil. 2006

Hans Ingemansson is a great organist...

...und ibt gern spaghettis !

This is at last the famous lp live of the Creeps, fabulous 80's sweden garage band, in their wildest period.
This lp came out sometimes in the early 90's... somewhere in Europe, in a certain label well know of the mailorder addicts, by a guy who did also some singles (Linkers ?, Needs ?, Kwyet Kings, Squares ?...etc...) Have a clue ?

Here are some classics of the first lp, and some classic covers, obvioulsy. (Standells, Electric Prunes, Sonics...).
It has been recorded live "at a certain radio show somewhere in Sweden in 1985, except the last ones, live at Waxjo 11/23/85" (from the notes).
The last tracks have a sound of less quality, but it gone like that., so enjoy the privilege !

Line up :
Robert Jelinek, lead vocals, guitar, Harmonica
Anders Johansson, bass guitar, backing canelonis
Hans Ingemansson, farfisa organ,backing spaghettis
Patrik Olsson, drums, tambourine, marracas

Track listing :
Side 1 :
Have love will travel
Down at the nightclub
Dirty water
Ain't it hard
Come back, baby
You're gonna need my lovin'

Side 2 :
City of people
High time baby
Just what I need
Down at the nightclub
have love will travel

Have a real cool time !

pw of course, is wtai !

7 juil. 2006

The Out Four, where the action was !!

Hey ! welcome to Action-time ! a new blog dedicated to good rare music, on vinyl and more.To begin : and at least, the archives of this rnb/garage french band.
First, their 1st ep :

Ep "For real excitement": (1995, Cinelux/Where The Action Is) Fr limited ed. 500 copies. (OF0001)

Track listing : Drive me faster/Where The Action Is/I'm Not Sure

line up :
Follow the link to the official's band web page. You will also find there some other international links with photos.

please, enjoy !
pw is : wtai